White House says US has no intention of sending troops to Israel – Key Time Zone

White House says US has no intention of sending troops to Israel – Key Time Zone

The White House was lit up in Israel’s colors in solidarity with it

You we They have no intention of sending troops to Israel After the attack launched by the Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas. This information came from the National Security Council spokesperson White House, John Kirby. He said in a telephone interview on Monday, the ninth of this month: “There is no intention to deploy American forces on the ground.” According to the president’s spokesman Joe Biden “We will make sure that we protect and defend our national security interests wherever they exist, including, in particular, in that part of the world.” Earlier, the US President reaffirmed his support for Israel. Biden highlighted the partnership between the two countries and stressed that the United States will continue to provide the necessary support to defend the Israeli people. The US President also expressed his concern about the safety of American citizens in Israeli territory, revealing that at least 11 of them have already been killed in attacks that have occurred since last Saturday. Moreover, Biden indicated the possibility of the presence of hostages holding American citizenship under the control of Hamas, and classified this situation as “possible.” Kirby also informed that the White House will be lit in the colors of the Israeli flag in solidarity with the country.

In a telephone conversation with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuThe US President announced that “there will be additional aid to the Israeli army and there will be more in the coming days.” According to a White House statement, Biden pledged “full support for the government and people of Israel in the wake of the horrific and unprecedented attacks launched by Hamas terrorists.” “I can’t believe it’s arrived in Israel yet, it’s getting there. “We fully expect that there will be additional requests for security systems from Israel as it continues to use munitions in this fight, and we will remain in tune with them.”

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*With information from Agence France-Presse and Reuters

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