Historian Ilan Babi is being interrogated by the FBI in the United States

Historian Ilan Babi is being interrogated by the FBI in the United States

Israeli anti-Zionist historian Ilan Pappé had his phone seized, and he was detained and interrogated for two hours by the FBI at Detroit Airport, in the United States, last Monday (05/13), as reported in his book. Social networks this Wednesday (05/15).

The professor described the measure as a decision “taken under pressure from the pro-Israel lobby,” which “reflects a state of panic and despair, in response to the fact that Israel will very soon become a pariah state.” [uma nação cuja conduta é considerada fora das normais internacionais]“For its aggression against the Gaza Strip.

“Did you know that 70-year-old history teachers threaten the national security of the United States?” Papi wrote when he denounced the actions of the North American police, who returned his cell phone only after copying all the information from the device.

According to the historian, the “two-man team” who interrogated him “were not abusive or rude, but their questions were out of this world!”

FEPAL – Palestinian Arab Federation in Brazil/Twitter
Israeli historian Ilan Pappé denounced the US police actions on social media

The teacher described questions such as “Are you a Hamas supporter?”; “Do you consider Israeli actions in Gaza to amount to genocide?”; “What is the solution to the conflict?”; “Who are your Arab and Muslim friends in the United States, how long have you known them and what kind of relationships do you have with them?” Made for him.

Pape stated that when answering FBI officers' questions, “in some cases, I sent them to my books, and in some cases I answered curtly with a yes or no” because I was “exhausted after an eight-hour flight.”

He added: “I know that many of you have had much worse experiences, but after France and Germany refused to accept them as Dean of the University of Glasgow because they are Palestinians, only God knows what will happen next.”

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