What is the “jutsu” and “Naruto” move that Darlan did in the volleyball game | Pop art

What is the “jutsu” and “Naruto” move that Darlan did in the volleyball game |  Pop art

Darlan, from the men’s volleyball team, does a “Naruto” move with every point made – Image: Reproduction/Twitter

Darlan was the most prominent scorer in the Brazilian victory, with 23 points, including five aces.

In manga and anime, “jutsu” is a technique made of rapid hand movements. A combination of these moves allows one to manipulate their chakras and obtain powerful skills, such as fighting techniques and magic.

Examples of jutsu moves in “Naruto” – Image: Reproduction/YouTube

Each gesture consists of a combination of twelve movements, which are seals inspired by the Chinese zodiac, such as Horse, Ox, Rabbit, Rat and Monkey. Each of these combinations of these movements allows for different abilities for the individual.

Published between 1999 and 2014, the manga tells the saga of Naruto, a trainee ninja who wants recognition and dreams of becoming a leader. In the story, he and his gang learn skills during their missions using jutsu techniques.

The Naruto character has achieved great success among fans of the genre. – Image: Disclosure

Among the stamps Darlan used on Sunday were the Monkey, the Sheep and the Dog. Brazil beat the Czech Republic in a tiebreaker, 3 sets to 2, in a pre-Olympic match, in Rio de Janeiro.

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