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As 55 afiliadas à UEFA

After 200 matches and 586 goals, with an average of 2.93, the Qatar Cup 2022 European qualifiers, the 22nd in the history of the main competition between teams on the planet, are just two rounds away from defining ten out of 13 places that the old continent is entitled to. In a dispute that, since March 21 this year, has 55 UEFA affiliates, there are five switches with five teams and another five with six representatives. The top ten of each group receive a visa stamp. So far, eight of the ten rounds have already taken place, and only Germany and Denmark have predicted their ratings. Including Denmark, bravely, with 100% success.

And how will the other three vacancies be filled? Two more teams will be added to the ten vices of the ten arcs, coming from the new and recently completed Nations League that the entity implemented in 2018. After that, these twelve will be divided into two groups, or draw pots. One pot will place those six runners-up with the highest scores in the UEFA rankings. In another match, the remaining four runners-up and two other Nations League teams, the best in their respective standings, reclaimed. Of course, in this case, the 10 champions and their 10 runners-up will not be considered for the UEFA qualifiers.

A lottery will determine, in sequence, the individual qualifiers for the game, from 24 to 29 March 2022, supplementary duels, until the end of the thirteen performances that will be held in Qatar. The participants are 55 UEFA affiliates, including Gibraltar and the Faroer Islands, the administrative branches of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Denmark. At the moment, Dutch top scorer Memphis Depay with nine goals. Next, at eight, Eran Zahavi of Israel. Serbian Aleksandar Mitrovic scored seven goals. Robert Lewandowski from Poland, Timo Pukki from Finland, Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo each scored six goals.

Group A
Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Serbia

BE – 7jog = 17pg
BY – 6jog = 16pg
LUX – 6jog = 6pg
LIR – 6jog = 5pg
AZE – 7jog = 1pg

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November 11
Azerbaijan x Luxembourg
Republic of Ireland x Portugal

November 14
Luxembourg x Republic of Ireland
Portugal x Serbia

Serbia and Portugal have already secured, at least, second place in the group. If the Republic of Ireland overtakes, on November 11, Portugal will be able to tie the award to Serbia on November 14. And in this case, the first place will be decided, even in Lisbon.

group b
Spain, Georgia, Greece, Kosovo, Sweden

SUE – 6jog = 15pg
ESP – 6jog = 13pg
GRE – 6jog = 9pg
GEO – 7jog = 4pg
KOS – 7jog = 4pg

November 11
Georgia x Sweden
Greece x Spain

November 14
Greece x Kosovo
Spain x Sweden

Sweden can get the automatic place if they beat Georgia and Spain does not beat Greece. In order not to fall into the play-off, Spain must win their two matches. Greece can only dream of a deputy. In any case, to do this, he would need to defeat Spain and Kosovo and still dream of the victory of Sweden, as a visitor, over the Iberians.

group C
Bulgaria, Northern Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Switzerland

ITA – 6jog = 14pg
SUI – 6jog = 14pg
Search – 7jog = 8pg
IRN – 6jog = 5pg
LIT – 7jog = 3pg

November 12
Italy x Switzerland
Northern Ireland x Lithuania

November 15
Northern Ireland x Italy
Switzerland x Bulgaria

Italy and Switzerland already got at least second place in the group. Their direct confrontation, on the 14th, scheduled for Velha Bot, may be in favor of “Azura”.

group d
Bosnia, Kazakhstan, Finland, France, Ukraine

FRA – 6jog = 12pg
UCR – 7jog = 9pg
FIN – 6jog = 8pg
BOS – 6jog = 7pg
Status – 7jog = 3pg

November 13
Bosnia and Herzegovina x Finland
France x Kazakhstan

November 16
Bosnia and Herzegovina x Ukraine
Finland x France

Freshly occupied from NL, France secured the leadership of the group by winning, along with a possible win, over Kazakhstan, already on November 12. The battle for a place in the playoffs will be fierce. Bosnia’s advantage is to represent it twice at home.

group E.
Belarus, Belgium, Estonia, Wales, Czech Republic

BEL – 6jog = 16pg
TCH – 7jog = 11pg
gal – 6jog = 11pg
IS – 6jog = 4pg
BEL – 7jog = 3pg

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November 13
Belgium x Estonia
Seated X Belarus

November 16
czech republic x estonia
Wales x Belgium

Even if he misses his two matches, Belgium is guaranteed to be top or runner-up. But, most likely, he dominated the direct seat on the thirteenth day, at home, against Estonia. Wales should take second place because it seems logical that he will replace Belarus and then, at home, host Belgium, who have already calmed down with their standing in Qatar.

Austria, Denmark, Scotland, Far Orr, Israel, Moldova

DIN – 8jog = 24pg
ESC – 8jog = 17pg
ISR – 8jog = 13pg
Off – 8jog = 10pg
FAR – 8jog = 4pg
MOL – 8jog = 1pg

November 12
Austria x Israel
Moldova x Scotland

November 15
Austria x Moldova
Israel x distant islands
Scotland x Denmark

Denmark qualified, candidate Scotland to take second place. To do this, it is enough to replace Moldova on the twelfth. Israel, in any case, still has some chances, if Moldova surprised Scotland. In this case, you will need to win both battles.

Gibraltar, Latvia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Turkey

No – 8jog = 19pg
NOR – 8jog = 17pg
TUR – 8jog = 15pg
MY – 8jog = 11pg
LET – 8jog = 5pg
GIB – 8jog = 0pg

November 13
Norway X Latvia
Turkey x Gibraltar
montenegro x ireland

November 16
Gibraltar Latvia
Montenegro Tenth Turkey
netherlands x norway

The Netherlands already qualifies for thirteenth, if they beat Montenegro and Norway, at home, to draw against Latvia. Just as Norway must defeat Latvia and Turkey must outsmart Gibraltar, the fight at the top of the table, between Holland and Norway, will go to minimum service number 16. Thus he will resist much in the enemy’s garden.

group h
Cyprus, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Malta, Russia

RUS – 8jog = 19pg
CRO – 8jog = 17pg
ESQ – 8jog = 10pg
ESN – 8jog = 10pg
MAL – 8jog = 5pg
CHI – 8jog = 5pg

November 11
Russia x Cyprus
Malta x Croatia
Slovakia x Slovenia

November 15
Croatia x Russia
Malta X Slovakia
Slovenia x Cyprus

Guaranteed in the two important centers Russia and Croatia. And Russia can automatically seek a vacancy in the eleventh, in the normal case to beat Cyprus and Malta surprise Croatia. The most viable, however, is for the two to fight each other, in Croatia, on the fifteenth.

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The first group
Albania, Andorra, Hungary, England, Poland, San Marino

ING – 8jog = 20pg
POL – 8jog = 17pg
ALB – 8jog = 15pg
HUN – 8jog = 11pg
f – 8jog = 6pg
SAN – 8jog = 0pg

November 12
England x Albania
Hungary x San Marino

November 15
Albania X Andorra
Poland x Hungary
San Marino x England

The most complex group of the ten. Albania has already shown that it has developed a lot and can jeopardize England’s leadership on the 12th. But Poland and Hungary will almost certainly break away from Andorra and San Marino on the same date. Then, since San Marino had never won a preliminary round of qualifying before, on the 15th, England will apply for their passport to Qatar. However, the battle for second place will continue. The two points that Poland can be proud of today, will be key in the race. It just depends on itself – read on, on Robert Lewandowski.

Germany, Armenia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Romania

ALE – 8jog = 21pg
ROM – 8jog = 13pg
MAC – 12jog = 12pg
ARM – 8jog = 12pg
ISL – 8jog = 8pg
LIE – 8jog = 1pg

November 11
Armenia x North Macedonia
Romania x Iceland

November 15
Armenia x Germany
North Macedonia X Iceland

In Qatar and Germany, the table favors Romania in the dispute over the place of the annex. It takes on the two opponents, in theory, the weakest of the group. Moreover, on the eleventh, Armenia and North Macedonia face each other in a deadly duel, which could eliminate the two.

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