Varzia Grande Mayor announced the vaccination of 14 health units against COVID-19

Varzia Grande Mayor announced the vaccination of 14 health units against COVID-19

Within the strategic planning prepared by the Technical Team of the Municipal Health Department, under the leadership of Secretary Gonzalo de Barros, Mayor Khalil Barakat authorized expansion to 14 municipal health units for two-dose vaccination against COVID-19, as well as dose reinforcements, provided that the deadlines and time periods required by the immunization plan are met. National – PNI, affiliated with the Ministry of Health.

Otherwise, the goal to be achieved in 2021 will be to receive vaccinations in 22 health units, and eventually, if necessary, at two other points, in the UNIVAG University Center and in Parc Pernik, at a fixed point and drive through, remembering that Park Pernik will remain It is open and vaccinated every Saturday.

“We want and we will go further, because COVID-19 does not give a break, more evidence, it is the new variant, Micron, which is proving to be more effective in terms of infection, but less lethal than the delta variant, so there is a little bit of caution and Varzia Grande cannot fail to take care of its people,” said Mayor Clail Parakat, noting that the deactivation of the Júlio Domingos de Campos Gymnasium (Fiotão) and the Jardim dos Estados mini-stadium will be compensated by the health units that will vaccinate them all in the necessary doses i.e. the first or second dose and the booster dose In the event that the five-month deadline is adhered to.

The Mayor and Minister of Health, Gonzalo Barros, noted the understanding and assistance of residents regarding the measures that remain important, such as the use of masks, alcohol gel and social distancing.

“We will insist on prevention, but we will insist on vaccination more, and the latest releases have shown expressive results. In the 30 days of November, there were 6 deaths, significant lives that claimed the lives of COVID or its repercussions, but we are over 15 years, that is between the fifth of November And today is the 20th of this month without deaths and now in the latest schedule, between November 23 and today December 3, we have 12 days without losing lives due to COVID, and this is a reflection of the vaccination in Varzia Grande,” said Mayor Calil Barakat.

Goncalo de Barros noted that the strategic planning developed by the municipal health department in Varzia Grande, takes into account the progress of vaccination, which reached 97% of the coverage of the target audience with the first dose, that is, more than 80% of the second. Booster dose, and we’re looking for those who have completed five months or 150 days of booster dose.

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All of our health facilities will be provided with the necessary doses, whether it is the first or second dose or a booster dose, and our schedule can attend, as well as programs such as Citizen Rescue for those who have lost their doses, and receive them. Anyone 12 years of age or older who is able to get vaccinated will do so, that is the will of the mayor and what science and medicine have placed so paramount in the fight against COVID-19,” warned Gonzalo de Barros, emphasizing that the population’s role is to respect biosafety rules and seek out Vaccine to be immunized.

In terms of organizing events of any kind, Gonzalo de Barros noted that Varzia Grande maintains mandatory use of mask, alcohol gel, social distancing and limits by 70% the ability to fill in the blanks for parties, and this framework will only be changed further. Flexible or even stiffer according to science and medicine.

“We have planning and this requires a series of data for the measures to be taken, which is why I think that Varzia Grande has obtained expressive results in vaccination and we want and will go further, to the extent that the mayor’s desire to vaccinate children from 5 years and above,” he explained Head of the health file.

Goncalo de Barros also stressed that in early 2022, Várzea Grande City Hall should resume expanded vaccination at some of these now-closed points, once five months or 150 days after a second application is completed, until then the booster dose is applied as Recommended in the National Immunization Plan – PNI of the Ministry of Health.

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“We have a large group of people who were vaccinated with the second dose that was on PFizer and Astrazeneca an initial period of 90 days or three months between the first and second dose and has now been reduced to 60 days or two months. Other than that, after the second dose, it takes five Another months or 150 days, which is supposed to increase the number of people looking for a third dose or a booster dose in the first days of 2022, which should lead us to open again or a Futau gym or a UNIVAG to serve a larger group of people.

vaccination points

Health Units (Mon-Fri from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.)
Nossa Senhora da Joya Health Center;
UPS Santa Isabel
UPS Cabo Michel
Jd Gloria Primary Care Clinic;
Cristo Rey Primary Care Clinic;
ESF Jardim Manaíra;
UPS Oro Verde
Primary Care Clinic Dec 24;
Parque do Lago Primary Care Polyclinic;
PSF Capau;
Kohp Cristo Rey Health Center;
Maraguara Dispensary.
Clean Water Health Center (Masonry);
UBS São Mateus (from Monday 6 December).

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