Unimed Fortaleza chief says guest analysis was not superficial: “It’s not a lie. The numbers are there” – Focus.jor

Unimed Fortaleza chief says guest analysis was not superficial: "It's not a lie. The numbers are there" - Focus.jor

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After the fallout of the video in which he talks about the number of patients who were transferred to Unimed Regional Hospital for COVID last Monday 17, as well as details of the vaccination schedule for users of the HRU, the head of the cooperative, Elias Litt, confirmed. that did not perform a statistical analysis to get to the numbers.

“I have been receiving messages for several days from people wanting me to tell the vaccination status of clients in the hospital at Unimed Fortaleza, that I have said that I am not being transparent or that I am omitting the information. My analysis was not superficial simply because I did not do any (statistical) analysis. We just said The number of patients and I showed that I had already received three doses, ”the doctor announced in a new video recorded this Wednesday, 19. He also confirmed that he and Unimed Fortaleza are in favor of vaccination.

“Secondly, it is not a lie. The numbers are there. As for statistical significance, I do not at any point do a statistical analysis of the numbers that I send every day.” “I even said that we had 722 patients in the hospital in Fortaleza, as I have already said that we have Nine in a world of 350,000 to 400,000 customers.”

The doctor also criticized those who use his videos to take advantage of the pandemic. “From start to finish, on February 10th, the day I leave Unimed Fortaleza, all of my attention, energy and focus will be on what’s important and what I can control,” he noted.

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In terms of the number of patients hospitalized at Unimed Fortaleza, the total jumped from 144 (yesterday) to 165 (today). In the intensive care unit, the number has increased from 39 to 45. There are also 10 children hospitalized with COVID-19, as well as 53 flu patients in the HRU.

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