Unimed Bauru launches 2021 winter clothing campaign for people and pets

Unimed Bauru launches 2021 winter clothing campaign for people and pets

Next Monday, June 7, Unimed Bauru launches its Warm Clothes Campaign for 2021. The event aims to collect donations for people and pets. “Our campaign is always successful, because it relies on the participation of the whole community. Individuals and companies are mobilized to collaborate and alleviate some of the needs of those who are socially vulnerable”, emphasizes the President of Unimed Bauru, Aparecido Donizeti Agostinho.

Work continues until July 31. The amount collected will be handed over to social entities and support groups for the animal cause. Donations can be deposited in boxes installed at the administrative headquarters, at the Unimed Diagnostic Center (CDU) and at the Unimed Bauru Hospital (HUB). “Anyone can contribute, either with new or used materials in good condition,” explains Unimed Bauru’s Marketing Director, Márcia Palhacci.

Blankets, quilts, clothes, shoes, bath towels, and sheets can be placed in the boxes. For pets, clothes, beds, blankets, collars and food.

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Administrative headquarters – Rua Gustavo Maciel, 11-30
CDU – Rua Agenor Meira, 12-34
Unimed Bauru Hospital – Av. Dr Arnaldo Prado Curvello, 10-110

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