Unimed Assis launches Senior Trainee Project

Unimed Assis launches Senior Trainee Project
In August, Unimed Assis launched the Senior Trainee Project. The project, developed by the cooperative board of directors, in partnership with the human resources sector, aims to open job opportunities for people over the age of 60.

According to Silvana Campos, Director of Human Resources at Unimed Assis, the idea is to combine our young and best-aged talents into a partnership that ensures learning, knowledge and many projects. “We believe that by bringing together the potential and experiences of different generations, we contribute to people’s growth and development, awakening a sense of empathy, responsibility and commitment to others,” he explains.

The first trainee project will last for two years and the professional will be hired under the CLT system. To participate in the selection process, you must be 60 years of age or older, be a resident of Assis, be eager to learn and share your knowledge and willingness to participate in the two-year project.

According to the team in charge of senior intern development, senior professionals who pass the selection process will undergo immersion in Unimed Assis and the collaborative work system, as well as the ability to dialogue and share experiences with different fields, on an ongoing basis. learning. The HR sector and teachers in the region will be responsible for accompanying professionals of the best age during the project. “We want to offer a light and enriching experience that values ​​someone over 60,” Silvana says. “This generational connection generates new ideas and opportunities where everyone wins.”

For Unimed Assis President Eliso Palma Boutros, the Senior Interns Project is another innovative work of the cooperative. “Today, our internal audience is young and we don’t have professionals over 60 years old in our workforce, and when we evaluate that, we identify an opportunity and put it into action. Today’s reality shows us that the Brazilian population is aging and the opportunities are like the company we started in July, they are Very welcome. We also want to inspire other companies,” says the president.

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Vacancies will be opened gradually from September. Those interested in participating should follow the disclosures that will be made on the official social networks of Unimed Assis.

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