UEFA announced that the UEFA Champions League Final will have 16,500 spectators

The match will be played at Estádio do Dragão in Porto  Photo: Miguel Riopa / AFP - Photo: Miguel Riopa / AFP

UEFA announced, Tuesday, after the ticket sale opened, that up to 16,500 spectators will be able to watch the Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester City on Saturday 29th in Porto, which is 33% of the stadium’s capacity.

For this match in Portugal, which was initially scheduled in Istanbul, Turkey, and was moved in mid-May to allow English fans to trade, UEFA distributed 6000 tickets to each of the finalists.

These 12,000 will be joined by the traditional guests, in addition to the “1,700 tickets reserved for the general public”, which are sold as of Monday 12.00 GMT (9am Brasilia time) “on the first come, buy first” principle. .

Prices are divided into four categories, ranging from € 70 to € 600 ($ 85-735).

UEFA said that due to the epidemic, entry to the stadium would be conditional on a “negative test for COVID-19” and foreign spectators “would have to” respect the conditions for entry into the territory. “

As Portugal is on the British authorities’ “green list”, neither English players nor fans will be forced into quarantine upon their return.

To organize the most anticipated match of the season, UEFA had to find a solution as the United Kingdom imposed tight travel restrictions on Turkey on May 7.

The European Union explored the possibility of holding the final in England, but the British government needed to allow the media, authorities and guests to enter its territory without being quarantined.

Finally, the European Football Association (UEFA) chose Porto. This will be the second year in a row that Portugal has received a Champions League decision. In 2020, Lisbon organized the so-called “Eighth Final” of the Champions League quarter-finals, with eight teams facing each other in singles matches until the final.

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