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Actress and presenter Isabella Kobera, who presented the clip De Bem Com a Vida, on SBT/TV Vitoriosa, this time observing the cyber-future of the Metaverse and meeting Renata Gois.

Lt. Col. Isabella Kobera (Disclosure)

Renata Joyce, a law student at the University of Pernambuco, is a collaborating member of the Law and Technology Committee at OAB/PE. Registered trainee in OAB/PE. associated with Ikrim. Received a scientific initiation from CNPQ, scholarship holder, in electronic contracts. She worked as an observer in philosophy, sociology, and the electronic judicial process. Former member of the Association of Pernambuco for Digital Law.


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Former member of the Smart Cities Research Group. UPE writer Jurispensando Podcast. He has chapters in science books and articles, numerous presentations at scientific conferences and spoke in an interview with Isabella Kubera about cybercrime, the future of law in the metaverse, major laws involving cybercrime, as well as how a user should defend themselves in these cases.

Isabella and Renata also outlined what the future and evolution of cyber law will look like within Metaverso, the collective virtual space, where users will shop, meet, social events and who will certainly need the security and legal support of this life within a virtual environment.

Attorney Renata Joyce (disclosure)

Cybercrime, or cybercrime is on the increase. Brazil ranks ninth in the world, ahead of the United Kingdom and behind Germany, the country most affected by cybercrime, according to NSFOCUS. In 2018, Norton Cyber ​​Security placed Brazil second in terms of computer security sufferers.

It is known that with the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic, these numbers have increased. Virtual purchases and electronic contracts were carried out in huge quantities, which confirmed the growth of these crimes.

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Internet crimes, a term coined in the 1990s, are crimes committed through a computer, a computer, or with the intent of infecting a computer. The first Brazilian law that had a significant impact was the 2012 Carolina Dieckmann law, which deals with the invasion of computers. Currently, we already have some laws dealing with this universe, however, there is still a need for legislation in many areas of digital law.

Lt. Col. Isabella Kobera (Disclosure)

The Metaverse, this new hypothetical form of real life, also has a strong influence on the rates of these crimes, even new emerging criminal types or offending behaviour, many of which, unfortunately, are not enshrined in the Penal Code, at present.

We know that the legislative process in Brazil is a bureaucratic process, it follows democratic rituals, and therefore, it becomes temporarily difficult to have laws that are constantly updated, according to information technology – which makes “updates” at every moment.

Therefore, it is important general regulations such as the Civil Rights Framework for the Internet, the LGPD, or the Internet of Things Act that give a glimpse into the rules and regulations relating to each sub-field of digital law, and give greater legal certainty to the Internet community.

* Content produced and posted by Joyce Silva

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