TSE caps campaign spending in 2022 elections

TSE caps campaign spending in 2022 elections
Minister Edson Fashion (Photo: TSE/Disclosure)

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) decided on Thursday (30) that the spending limit for election campaigns in 2018, updated by inflation in the period. Congress set spending limits a year before the election, which didn’t happen. In December, TSE decided it could set the values. In 2018, for the post of President of the Republic, the ceiling was R$70 million for the first round and another R$35 million for the second round. For federal deputies campaigns, the limit was R$2.5 million. and R$1 million for state or provincial deputies. In the case of governors and senators, the spending limit varies according to electors for each unit of the union. Source: G1

Taxpayers must register mandatory contacts in the state’s electronic income tax domicile by Friday

Taxpayers registered in the General Register of Taxpayers of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (CGCTE), with the exception of rural producers, have until Friday (1) to register their contact details and accept the terms of use of the new tax domicile (DTE) from state revenue. The inclusion of information such as email and mobile phone number, which was previously optional, became mandatory for the company manager after the launch of the new communication environment with taxpayers, which took place in May. The purpose of this procedure, which is included in the Standard Instruction RE Nº 037/22, is to ensure that taxpayers automatically receive various information of importance and notifications of new contacts in the company’s DTE. This way, the IRS will automatically forward an email and SMS message to the contact for each new subpoena, notification, or call to self-regulation or notification type communication.

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The study indicates who is more susceptible to infection with the virus in the long term

A new study published in Nature Communications suggests that being a woman, people with pre-pandemic general health problems, ages 50 to 60, having asthma and being overweight or obese are risk factors for developing prolonged Covid. The results are based on survey data and UK electronic health records. Long-term Covid is generally defined as the presence of one or more symptoms of Covid-19 four weeks after infection. To reach this conclusion, the study’s authors analyzed data from ten population surveys, as well as information available in the electronic records of the 1.1 million Britons diagnosed with Covid-19. Source: G1

The total number of monkeypox cases in Brazil rose to 37

The number of cases of monkeypox (monkeypox) in Brazil has reached 37, according to information from the Ministry of Health and the Minister of Health of Rio de Janeiro. Yesterday, the Secretary confirmed the sixth case in the state. Now, there are five events in the capital and one in the city of Marica, in Grand Rio. The state of Minas Gerais confirmed the first case of a 33-year-old man who was in Europe between the eleventh and twenty-sixth of this month. According to the Health Department of Minas Gerais, this is an imported case. Source: People’s Mail

US Supreme Court cuts government powers to cut carbon emissions from power plants

The US Supreme Court on Thursday issued a ruling limiting the US government’s powers to cut carbon emissions from power plants. The decision runs counter to President Joe Biden’s plans to combat climate change. By six votes to three—the same result obtained by the resolution that repealed the country’s constitutional right to abortion and expanded citizens’ access to guns—the judges decided to limit the power of the Environmental Protection Agency, part of the United States government. Source: G1

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