Timor-Leste’s PR asks new UK ambassador to support Timorese migrants

Timor-Leste’s PR asks new UK ambassador to support Timorese migrants

“The estimate varies, but there may be a community of 30,000 people. We have someone to look after them. Your priority is to try with the United Kingdom to regularize the situation of those who are undocumented or have violated immigration rules. There are more than visas allowed to stay in the United Kingdom,” said Jose Ramos-Horta.

The head of state spoke at the inauguration of João Paulo da Costa Rangel, the new ambassador to the United Kingdom and the first diplomat to assume duties in the current mandate of José Ramos-Horta.

“One of your duties is to see how we can better support the Timorese in sending their aid to their families. There may be options to open a special program for the Timorese abroad, especially in the UK, but in all others. Those who are not affected by the high costs of collections and remittances, so that the money sent to Timor-Leste is positive. has application,” he said.

Costa Rangel, 41 years old, one of the country’s youngest entrepreneurs, founded the PAX Group of Companies in 2010, which today employs more than 2,000 people.

An employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MNEC) between 2001 and 2004, he held diplomatic functions at the Timor-Leste Embassy in Jakarta and the Consulate in Sydney.

In addition to being a businessman, Rangel is known as a renowned saxophonist.

The United Kingdom is Timor-Leste’s most important partner and a country with which it has always maintained “excellent relations,” Ramos-Horta said, recalling the support of a large solidarity movement for the struggle for Timorese self-determination. He also recalled that negotiations are underway with the United Kingdom to lead to the opening of an embassy in Delhi in the near future.

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The Head of State took the opportunity to refer to the recent announcement that Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States will collaborate on the production of the new generation of submarines, SSN-AUKUS, and that three will be installed in the Australian Navy. US built nuclear powered submarines.

Diplomats from the three countries briefed the President of Timor-Leste last Thursday on the announced agreement.

“East Timor only wants peace and tranquility in its region and in the world. It has no say in decisions about the security of allies or the perception and perspective of its security. The mobilization of forces from China or any other country,” he said.

“Our concern is only when we see the militarization of the South China Sea, which increases tensions and leads to human or technological accidents with unpredictable consequences. We are concerned about the accomplished political realities that violate UNCLOS”, he said.

The head of state said the new ambassador “represents an effort to dignify Timor’s diplomacy, making it more effective, more professional, more coordinated and more efficient.”

“New Ambassadors will definitely be appointed in the coming months. They will be appointed with full honesty, seriousness, without support, without support, only on the merits of each person nominated and given to the PR or selected by the PR,” he said.

“Mr. Ambassador is an example of what should be the technical, educational and experience quality of who should be an Ambassador of TL. Thank you for accepting this task given by the Government and PR”, he said.

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