UK flight problem fixed after Europe-wide delays

UK flight problem fixed after Europe-wide delays

Flights using UK airspace were canceled or delayed for several hours on Monday because of what the UK’s National Aviation Service (NATS) said was a technical fault it had already identified and fixed.

Previously, Nats had to control the flow of flights and manually enter flight plans, a problem that affected the system’s ability to automatically process plans, warning airlines and airports of delays and cancellations.

“This morning we identified and resolved a technical issue affecting our flight scheduling system. We are now working closely with airlines and airports to manage the affected flights as efficiently as possible,” Nats said in a statement.

“Our engineers will carefully monitor system performance as we return to normal operations.”

Earlier, Irish air traffic control provider AirNav Ireland said the problem, which occurred during a public holiday in parts of the UK, was causing “significant delays to flights across Europe, traveling from or through airspace. UK aircraft”.

A spokesman for London Heathrow, western Europe’s busiest airport, said it was working with Notts and other airport partners to minimize the impact on passengers, while Gatwick Airport, south of London, was hit by a number of delays and cancellations.

British Airways said its flights had suffered severe disruptions and made “significant changes” to its schedule, while other airlines, including Ryanair, said some flights to and from the UK would be delayed or cancelled.

Many travelers took to social media to report that they were stuck on the tarmac at airports in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Israel and elsewhere. Conclusion

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