The Urtangerin-Bourbon family, spread throughout Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom

Urdangarin-Borbon is scattered in three countries. When the father rushes for hours to return to his hometown, his wife, Infanta Christina, officially resides in Geneva. There he works for the Aga Khan Foundation. He is expected to be frequently abandoned by the Basque nation to reunite with his partner. He had already visited his father King Emeritus in Abu Dhabi on several occasions. Infonda lives in a residential area in Switzerland, where the couple’s youngest daughter, Irene, is still in high school.

The first born, Juan Valenton, whose guess. At the age of 21, he has been living in Madrid for the past few months to support his father, who is very close. He is believed to have been studying international relations, and a few months ago he broke the news for volunteering for the Entrecultural Foundation affiliated with the Society of Jesus.

After spending part of his puberty between Hannover and Nantes, Pablo followed his father’s sporting awareness of being an Olympian. The 20-year-old works with Barcelona’s second handball team. He combines his sporting dream with his studies at the prestigious EU Business School, where he usually carries a bluegrass bag over his shoulder.

Third in Saga, Miguel, has now reached adolescence. He did it in London. Good student and “fun”, he will be admitted to marine science at a city university.

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