The “world’s smallest cow” threatens the public health of any country; understand

The "world's smallest cow" threatens the public health of any country;  understand

Spectators from Bangladesh leave their homes for the Shikor Agro farm, in Bhutan, to check on the news that has spread like the wind. They are fully swarming pandemic To confirm with their eyes what their ears could not believe: there lives Rani, the smallest cow in the world. However, some do not know that it is the smallness of the animal that makes it dangerous for them Public Health.

According to CNET, the owners claim that Rani is 10 centimeters smaller than the cow that currently holds the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s smallest.

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Although they understand the eagerness to see the little animal, the Bangladeshi authorities are concerned about the increase in the number of cases. COVID-19 In the country: The number of injured people in one day reached more than 11 thousand for the first time last Tuesday (6).

According to Hasan Holder, manager of Chikur Agro farm, more than 15,000 people have visited Rani in the past three days. “People are traveling long distances despite the coronavirus lockdown,” he said. “Most of them want to take selfies with the cow.”

The blockade cited by Howlader is a strict intercity and state transit measure imposed by the Bangladeshi government in late June, when deaths from the novel coronavirus reached alarming levels.

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About 4.2 million of the country’s 163 million citizens have been vaccinated, according to the World Health Organization. It is believed that this new wave of Covid-19 that hit Bangladesh is largely caused by يعود delta variable. The argument gains more strength when you take into account that the country borders India, where the new strain of coronavirus was first identified.

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As the Bengali government deals with the stranger and increasing cases of Covid-19, the owners of Rani, whose size has been determined as a result of “genetic inbreeding”, have attempted to register it in the Guinness Book of Records, hoping to officially make it the world’s smallest cow.

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