The United States suspends F-15C fighter jets in the United Kingdom

The United States suspends F-15C fighter jets in the United Kingdom

The F-15C fighter is replaced by the fifth generation F-35A Lightning II.

The United States Air Force (USAF) has suspended operations of UK-based F-15C Eagle fighter jets, particularly at the RAF Loganheed air base east of British territory.

In a post on the site’s official Twitter, it was announced that the F-15Cs’ mission would be completed and returned to the United States, where they would fly under the responsibility of the Air National Guard.

However, the general usage of the Usaf F-15C / D is already declining as these models will be replaced by the new F-15EX Eagle II.

The departure of the F-15C from the UK does not mean that the European country will not have the United States, as the fifth generation F-35A Lightning II fighter jets are being sent to the Lockenheid Division, the first to arrive. In December.

In total, there will be 24 fighter jets, owned by the 495th Fighter Squadron, nicknamed the Valkyries.

The decision to ship the F-35As to the UK took place in 2015, after which basic structural reforms were made to recruit new combatants and all personnel involved.

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