The UK approves Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine and begins providing it next week

The UK approves Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine and begins providing it next week

In Brazil, the Ministry of Health has already excluded vaccination due to special storage conditions

ADRIANA TOFFETTI / A7 PRESS / ESTADO CONTENT – 10/17/2020 The plan is to vaccinate the elderly living in nursing homes and the professionals working in these institutions

a Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the device is equivalent to infinity No United kingdomThe process of its analysis was concluded and it was announced, this morning, Wednesday, 2, that it had approved a vaccine against the disease COVID-19. According to the British Prime Minister, Boris JohnsonVaccination with an immunizing agent Pfizer / Biotech It will start as soon as next week. “It is vaccine protection that will, ultimately, allow us to get our lives back and get the economy going again,” he said. Twitter. In Brazil, however, the Ministry of Health The possibility of using this vaccine has already been ruled out due to special storage conditions, such as temperatures below -70 °C.

The immunizing agent has been shown to be 95% effective against Covid-19, according to studies released in recent weeks. In doing so, the UK becomes the first country in the world to launch a Pfizer product in a major breakthrough in this pandemic. The vaccination campaign in the country has already been scheduled and will start next week. Great Britain expects to receive 800,000 doses in the coming days and 10 million doses by the end of this year. The London government has purchased 40 million total doses from Pfizer, which will be enough to immunize nearly a third of the population.

The plan is to start with seniors living in nursing homes and professionals in these institutions. There are still logistical challenges – but the manufacturers have confirmed that the vaccine can keep for up to five days in a regular refrigerator. In the second phase, elderly people over 80 years of age and health professionals will be preferred. Pre-determined vaccination schedule NHSBritish SUS will continue to give preference to the elderly as long as there is a vaccine. The Conservative government hopes to vaccinate all of the country’s population, some 65 million people, by April next year.

The United Kingdom also purchased seven million doses of modern, but the main expectation remains a vaccine Oxford. contract with AstraZeneca Provides for the provision of 100 million doses. Only then will it be possible to serve the entire population. The vaccine will not be mandatory in the country and the government will distribute it for free through the NHS. this Wednesday, The UK is entering a new phase of social distancing, with non-essential trade reopening. The second full lock It was finally closed, but most of the country is still subject to strict isolation rules. The government continues to urge the population to be vigilant as the risk of a third wave at the beginning of the year is still considered high.

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