The SARS-CoV-2 virus has already been isolated in Spain, although it is not found in the Ministry – International

The SARS-CoV-2 virus has already been isolated in Spain, although it is not found in the Ministry - International

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The claim that the Spanish Ministry of Health does not have the isolated SARS-CoV-2 virus has been shared more than 100 times on social networks since at least September 30, 2021, without clarifying that the virus is actually isolated and serialized in Spain. As well as in other countries. The confusion resulted from the public ministry’s response to a request for information from a Spanish association.

The Spanish Ministry of Health has confirmed that it has never isolated the SARS-CoV-2 virus (nobody has it!)

, address

Article – Commodity

published online.

The Spanish Ministry of Health acknowledges that: – ‘It has no isolated or cultures of Covid-19’

, say posts posted on Facebook (




) Nor



The message was also circulated in









Posts attach or show screenshots of a file


From the Spanish Ministry of Health to request information from a


. The letter in the file signed by the Director-General of Public Health,

Pilar Aparicio

. By reading the QR code that appears in the lower left corner of each page, AFP was able to verify that the document was available for download at


management of the Spanish government.

The Ministry of Health confirmed to AFP the authenticity of the text signed by Aparicio and explained that it came in response to a request sent to the Transparency Unit and is protected under the Transparency and Access to Public Information and Good Governance Act.

Users in their posts highlight an excerpt of this sentence from the answer:

“The Ministry of Health does not have a SARS-CoV-2 culture for testing and does not have a registry of laboratories capable of culturing and isolating for testing”

. On the other hand, in the viral video, a biologist claims that the sequence of the virus

“Cannot be cultivated”

This is among positive coronavirus patients in Spain

“The disease has not been confirmed by viral culture.”

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isolated and serial

Virus isolation involves extracting it from an infected patient and spreading it in cell cultures for study. But genetic sequencing is a process

lets decode

The genetic code of the virus.

The Communications Service of the Instituto de Carlos III (ISCIII), depends on the Spanish Ministries of


and yes


He told AFP:

“Of course the virus has been sequenced and isolated. Several research centers have done this in Spain, including the National Center for Microbiology at ISCIII, an agency that relies on the Ministries of Science and Health”

Consulted by AFP, microbiologist and virologist

Jose Antonio Lopez Guerrero

He claimed that the virus was isolated

“In the beginning, when the first outbreak was marked.”


first scientific article

The Global Report on SARS-CoV-2, January 2020, shows how the virus was isolated from patients in Wuhan, China, for study in cell cultures.

In this

relatrio cientfic

In 2020, reference was made to the fact that the virus had already been isolated and sequenced in Spain. For example, he was isolated by a team of investigators


, On the other hand

University robbed

It is an area



The idea that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has not been isolated or sequenced and that the covid-19 epidemic can be inferred as a hoax has been around since at least early 2021.

Already verified

On another occasion.

“Isolating and purifying the virus is a very simple and effective procedure.”

, explained to AFP Juan Sabbat, physician and doctor of microbiology and researcher at the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (


) from Argentina, in July 2021.

“The only limitation is the presence of a biosafety laboratory capable of handling the risks posed by the isolated virus (BSL3 laboratory), because when replicated in cell culture it can reach concentrations thousands of times higher than those in the respiratory fluids of an infected patient.”

, he added.

“Many laboratories around the world have isolated and sequenced the genome of SARS-CoV-2 and there are already thousands of scientific publications analyzing the different characteristics of the virus.”

, Spate told AFP. For example, other teams of researchers


or vrus no


Who is among us?

United State


Spanish scientist Jose Jimenez, of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Kings College London, asked himself

Nysa topic no Twitter:

“Where will the Ministry of Health keep the virus?”

It is isolated in biosafety level 3 laboratories, Spatt says. Jimny’s


That in the UK alone, where it works, the entire genome of the virus has been sequenced more than a million times, contrary to what users who are skeptical of the epidemic claim claim.

Where will the Ministry of Health keep the virus? The isolated virus is in level 3 of the biosafety laboratories that work with the virus.

Here we see human respiratory cells infected with SARS-CoV-2 (nuclei in blue and spike protein in green).

– Jose Jimenez (@JoseMJG)

October 1, 2021

Regarding coronavirus tests and virus cultivation, Pez Guerrero, a professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid, responded to AFP’s verification team:

“Of course there is evidence of the virus in patients, though not necessary, since it is not necessary for any infectious disease, to be isolated in every case. Are influenza viruses, picornaviruses, mumps and many other viruses, for example, isolated from all Diagnosed cases? No, of course not.


“In all of the verified cases of Covid virus, the presence of the virus was detected, in many cases it was sequenced, and of course it was isolated from patients logically %u23BC, not from all %u23BC to the point where it was seen by electrophoresis, immunofluorescence and many other diagnostic and verification techniques.

Lpez Guerrero explained.

Why is the virus isolated?

Doctor of immunology

Mara Moreno

, from the Department of Biotechnology Development at the University of the Republic of Uruguay, told AFP in July 2021:

“Viruses do not grow and multiply like bacteria, in common media”


I need a cell line, in which the virus can enter and multiply, to get large amounts of virus. Once the virus is isolated, for example, inactivated virus vaccines can be made. Or neutralization tests with the virus itself, to see if the serum or monoclonal antibodies prevent their entry into the cells.


“You can get virus information without isolating it”

Moreno, who emphasized that it would be wrong to assume that without for example isolating a virus in a lab, a test to detect it could not be done, added some viral posts questioned.

To identify the virus it is not necessary to isolate it; You just need an inactivated sample with which you can amplify a portion of your genetic material or, in some cases, even look for a specific protein from the virus itself, as rapid detection tests do”

, explains.

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