The man starts betting R$8 and ends up winning R$33.5 million in half an hour.

The man starts betting R$8 and ends up winning R$33.5 million in half an hour.

Britain’s Michael Clarke decided to take advantage of the boredom of the Christmas holidays to enter a betting site. He started with a small amount, just 1.40 pounds – the equivalent of R$8.70.

Half an hour later, he celebrated that he had succeeded in doubling the money to 5 thousand pounds. However, the value (and luck) was much greater than that. In fact, Michael earned £5.4 million – the equivalent of R$33.5 million.

“At first we thought it was a mistake, and then we started hugging each other when we realized it was real,” said the Brit, who lives in Newscastle, England.

After receiving the payment, he decides to quit his job at a mental health clinic to pursue one of his dreams: to buy a house in the country. This is where he intends to live with bride Cheryl Polley and his two daughters.

“I couldn’t stop crying, and there was no way I was going to sleep that night after winning such a huge amount of money. Now we can easily get married and buy our house in the country.”

Other dreams must also come true after the surprise of making millions. In addition to buying a car, Michael also wants to travel to the Caribbean for his honeymoon.

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