Loans of up to R$21,000 are available for these entrepreneurs

Loans of up to R,000 are available for these entrepreneurs

A new line of credit is available for small business owners in the city of São Paulo. The Development Agency of São Paulo (ADE Sampa), in partnership with Banco do Povo, is making a bid Loans for entrepreneurs Self-proclaimed black and brown, regardless of gender.

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The Empreenda Afro line issues between R$200 and R$21,000 to official entrepreneurs (with CNPJ), with interest rates from 0.35% to 0.55% per month. The contractor has up to 48 months to pay the debt, including a grace period of up to 150 days.

An informal Afro-entrepreneur can contract between R$200 and R$15,000, with an interest rate of 0.80% per month and a repayment period of up to 36 months, also including the grace period.

What are the requirements?

To obtain loans from this line, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • be black or brown and have a business in the city of São Paulo;
  • No entries in the media registry of unpaid credits for the Federal Public Sector (Cadin) or Serasa for CNPJ or CPF for the company’s partners;
  • Not having another Banco do Povo loan in progress;
  • Agree to receive a visit to check entrepreneurial ability;
  • Submit full documents.

According to the Minister for Economic Development and Employment, Aline Cardoso, the aim of the new development is to promote “a more inclusive and diverse city, always supportive of those who need it most”.

How do you hire?

An application for a loan of up to R$ 21,000 can be submitted online, by filling out of this form. After visiting the documentation and verification phase, ADE Sampa will contact the entrepreneur to inform him of the next steps of the contract.

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When in doubt, the interested party may inquire by calling (11) 4210-2668; WhatsApp (11) 99708-5130, (11) 99449-1311 or (11) 94498-4385; Email: [email protected].

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