The international press is talking about the health situation in Bolsonaro

The international press is talking about the health situation in Bolsonaro

The arrest of President Jair Bolsonaro (non-partisan), 66, has been the subject of reports in the international press. Newspapers in the US, Spain, UK, Ireland, Portugal and Argentina have reported on the CEO’s health.

Bolsonaro was diagnosed with an intestinal obstruction. On Wednesday morning (14 July 2021), he was admitted to the Armed Forces Hospital in Brasilia, where he was suffering from abdominal pain and underwent tests to investigate the origin of the hiccup crisis. In the afternoon he was transferred to Sao Paulo, where he will be examined again.

The boss has been having trouble speaking for 12 days because of the problem.

Here are the posts:

New York times (United States of America): “Brazil’s president, Bolsonaro is in hospital and can undergo surgery”, Read the article title. Remember, the CEO was stabbed in 2018.

Washington Post (United States of America): “Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro hospitalized after 10 days of crying.” The car describes Bolsonaro as Right-wing extremist Live broadcasts are quoted in which hiccups “clear”.

Country (Spain): “Doctors in Bolsonaro are looking into emergency surgery for an intestinal obstruction.” He says the hiccups are a reaction to a series of medications the president is taking after having a dental implant operation.

the sun (UK and Ireland): Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s office said he was hospitalized on Wednesday after suffering from chronic falls for more than 10 days.. Claims that the CEO’s health It was a problem during his presidency.”

Year (Portugal): “The President of Brazil was urgently transferred to Sao Paulo due to an intestinal obstruction.” Quote from Palazzo Planalto.

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Clarion (Argentina): “Health of the President: Jair Bolsonaro will be transferred to São Paulo for possible intestinal surgery”. He says that in the past three years, he underwent 5 operations, 4 of which were the result of a 2018 stab.

Find out in this post the history of President Bolsonaro’s health problems.

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