The home office, children at home and burnout: The impact of the pandemic on mothers

The home office, children at home and burnout: The impact of the pandemic on mothers

The epidemic was responsible for major impacts on the mental health of the population. And according to studies by the universities of Essex, Surrey and Birmingham, UK, mothers of children and teenagers have had a more sensitive effect since their children started studying at home.

The researchers looked at how 1,500 parents of children aged 4 to 12 in England mentally dealt with school closures starting in March 2020. The analysis focuses on the difference in impact between parents whose children returned to school in early June and those who returned to school in early June. Their children did not return until September.

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Mothers whose sons and daughters stayed at home throughout the entire school year were the most affected, most likely to report sleep loss, stress, feeling powerless to overcome difficulties, feeling unhappy and even depressed. Other effects included the woman’s loss of self-confidence, feeling useless and feeling unable to enjoy her normal daily activities.

The authors also cited an increase in loneliness due to social isolation, and attributed it as a factor in the deteriorating mental health of this audience. Mothers whose children were not prioritized to return to school were more likely to report feeling lonely, compared to those whose children had returned in June.

Source: Watchman

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