The ‘Harry Potter’ store is on sale in the UK

The 'Harry Potter' store is on sale in the UK

The facade of Oliver Brighton (Image: Publicity)

A shop selling all the magical artifacts from the world of Harry Potter is for sale in the UK. The Olivers Brighton Foundation has been announced for 120 thousand euros – about 760 thousand Brazilian reais, in the current quote.

The store opened in 2017, and it sells maces, Quidditch sports equipment, and a variety of sweets. All merchandise is licensed by Warner Bros. , responsible for the copyright of the trademark.

Hilton Smith, a realtor, says owner Oliver Dahl has decided to invest in a new business in the future. In a statement posted on the foundation’s social media, Dahl said, “The past four years have been an absolutely magical journey with all of you and I am always grateful for the love and support shown by my clients, colleagues and friends. I have started a new part.”

“The shop and all its magical merchandise, will remain, exactly in place, here on Trafalgar Street, even though it has been handed over to a new owner, we are currently looking for. Think of it like getting a new defense against a Dark Arts teacher (with less drama!).”

“I will be here in the near future until we find the right owner who will keep the magic alive for years to come. Until then, I can’t wait to welcome you back and say thank you for everything,” he explained.

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