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Resignation of the Secretary of Oil and Gas at the Ministry of Mines and Energy |  Policy

President Jair Bolsonaro This Friday (27) signed a decree that includes Pré-Sal Petróleo SA (PPSA), the state-owned company responsible for managing union contracts for oil exploration located in the pre-salt layer, on the list of studies for the possibility of privatization.

Last week, the Minister of Mines and Energy, Adolfo Sachida, handed over to the Minister of Economy, Paulo Geddesa Request for Partnerships Investment Program (PPI) to conduct studies On the feasibility and economic benefits of the final privatization of PPSA and Petrobras. But Friday’s decree did not mention Petrobras.

“Within the scope of the Presidency of the Republic’s Investment Partnerships Program – PPI, Empresa Brasileira de Administração de Petróleo e Gás Natural SA – Pré-Sal Petróleo SA – PPSA, is eligible, with a view to assessing the privatization of the company and the assets it manages “, according to the decree published in an additional edition of” Official Gazette “.

It is linked to the Ministry of Economy and headed by the Minister Paulo Geddes, PPI is responsible for managing privatization and concession projects. Initially, the PPI assesses whether the privatization of the firm is necessary and viable.

Upon completion of the studies, and if the outcome is favorable for privatization, the PPI Board recommends that the President sign another decree for the company to be included in the National Privatization Program (PND).

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