The former jewelry saleswoman goes viral when she tells how she met men who cheated on their wives over their purchases; He watches

The former jewelry saleswoman goes viral when she tells how she met men who cheated on their wives over their purchases;  He watches

A woman goes viral when she tells how she discovered men cheating by selling jewelry; Watch (Photo: Clone/TikTok)

It has insight like a title! A woman recently went viral when she shared how she identified cheating men through their behavior while shopping for jewelry. The video has already reached 1.7 million views on TikTok and more than 230,000 likes. Sarah Wren, from Virginia in the United States, explained that it only took her one month of working in a jewelry store to notice the suspicious attitudes of men.

According to her, the first indicator would be to buy two separate lots. Sarah said that there is nothing strange about buying a set, for example, but the decision to make completely different jewelry is a bit strange. β€œIt is strange for a man to buy yellow gold earrings for his wife who, he says, only wears yellow gold jewelry and then ask for a white gold necklace.”embodied.

I remembered that in these cases, if the man was asked about this, his behavior changed completely. Another sign was requesting separate boxes. Sarah said there are cases where customers say in advance that the gifts will be for two occasions, such as a birthday and Christmas.

However, she said it is very suspicious when only one date is mentioned at the beginning of the service, and at the end of the purchase, two separate boxes are requested. The saleswoman also mentioned that at the end of every purchase, when greeting the customer with a handshake, she knew she was certain of her suspicions because these traitorous men always had sweaty hands. Watch the video below:

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@sarahtonenWatch out for his billing statement ladies πŸ‘€πŸ’β™¬ Original sound – Sarah Toonen

The seller made a second video with more traitor behavior. She revealed that these men asked to pay the bill on two separate cards. Some of them are even tempted to give their daughter a card, but when asking questions about her daughter, she realizes that the more flashy pieces a man wears have nothing to do with the teen's preferences.

@sarahtonenThe second part of catching cheaters πŸ’πŸ₯°β™¬ Original sound – Sarah Toonen

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