The finals of the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship have been set

The finals of the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship have been set

The Brazilians dominate the penultimate day of the event and secure a place in the finals, which take place on Friday the 10th

The finalists for the Abu Dhabi World Jiu-Jitsu Championship were determined on Thursday the 9th, and in the men’s category, the current Brazilian champions were determined. Miram Alves, Raimundo Sodry that it Lucas Protasio They confirmed their favoritism with safe offers and won a place in the decision, which will be held on Friday, the tenth of this month, at the Mubadala Arena in Abu Dhabi. actually Felipe Andrew You had to go to your limit to overcome it Catril Fernandez In the semi-finals and keeping the dream of a second championship alive. The ADMA/Alliance athlete connected a triangle in the final minute, when he was behind the scoreboard, and threw his opponent on the arm.

Other highlights were Anderson Ferreira that it Felipe Bezerra. The former earned his place in the under 85kg final after a stunning finish against the English schoolboy Roger Gracie Faris Bin Lamqaddam, right at the beginning of the fight. The Rio native was able to overpower his challenger with a beautiful harai goshi, then finished with a merciless armbar. The heavyweight had more work to do. wheel He had to beat the current champion in the under 120 kg category, Yatan BuenoIn a very balanced match, the referees decided it after a draw. YatanIn turn, he won the bronze medal after winning the replay hours later.

The biggest surprise that day was the early elimination of the star Thalison SoaresWho lost in the quarter-finals to his compatriot Yuri Hendricks He won a bronze medal in the replay. Athlete Cicero Costa showed a very consistent defensive style and earned a place in the final against Al Arabi Zayed Al KathiriChampion of the under-56 kg category, in a confrontation that would shake the Mubadala Arena.

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Nepotism also prevailed among women. Brazilian Ana Rodriguez, Julia Alves that it Gabriele Pisanha They did not give in to the pressure of being the current champions and performed without fear. They will have the opportunity to defend their belts against the American Alexa JansBulgarian Violet Angelova And the citizen Yara Nascimentorespectively.

However, the highlight was the little giant Maysa Bastos. The Brazilian maintained the same consistency she had shown the day before, in the national qualifiers, defeating three opponents to secure her place in the final. Among them is the current champion Brenda LarissaWho won the bronze medal after the replay. Her competitor on Friday the 10th of this month will be the Filipino Margarita Ochoa, who won second place in 2022. The other finalist is the Brazilian. Ingrid Souzathe bronze medalist in the last edition, who will have to beat the British Nia Blackman To climb to the highest place on the platform.

The finals of the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2023 will be held on Friday, the 10th of this month, starting at 11 am (Brasilia time), with a live and free broadcast on the TX7 channel ( Full keys can be accessed on the event website (

Men’s Black Belt Finals

56 kg – Youri Hendricks (Brazil) x Zayed Al Kathiri (United Arab Emirates)

– 62 kg – Miram McKinney (Brazil) x Khaled Muhammad

69 kg – Raimundo Sodre (Brazil) x Sebastian Serpa (USA)

77 kg – Lucas Protacio (Brazil) x Pedro Ramalho (Portugal)

85 kg – Anderson Ferreira (Brazil) x Bruno Lima (Portugal)

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94 kg – Felipe Andreu (Brazil) x Renan Cruz (USA)

120 kg – Felipe Bezerra (Brazil) x Anton Seleznev (Russia)

Women’s Brown/Black Belt Finals

– 49 kg – Maisa Bastos (Brazil) x Margarita Ochoa (Philippines).

55 kg – Ana Rodriguez (Brazil) x Alexa Yanes (USA)

62 kg – Julia Alves (Brazil) x Violeta Angelova (Bulgaria)

70 kg – Ingrid Souza (Brazil) x Nia Blackman (United Kingdom)

– 95 kg: Gabriele Besanha (Brazil) x Yara Nascimento (Brazil).

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