The doctor says that Maroun lost part of his sight due to glaucoma Goiás

The doctor says that Maroun lost part of his sight due to glaucoma  Goiás

Country singer Maron, from his duet with Bruno – Photo: Reproduction / Social Networks

Country singer Maron, of a duet with Bruno, lost part of his peripheral vision due to an eye disease called… Glaucoma. At a press conference in Goiânia, ophthalmologists Francisco Eduardo Lima and José Penez Neto, who are dealing with the case, explained that this would not prevent the artist from having a normal life and continuing to perform.

“Fortunately, he came to us in time, because central vision was not lost. There was a certain loss of visual field, but it corresponds to him living a normal life, doing his profession, performing, without any problems, as long as there is no development of this,” explained Francisco Eduardo. the disease”.

Jose Penez stressed that glaucoma is a silent disease, and in most cases it does not show disturbing symptoms that make people turn to an ophthalmologist.; Watch the video explanation below. In Maron's case headacheWhich, according to doctors, has nothing to do with the disease, is what took him to the doctor

The doctor says Maron lost part of his vision due to glaucoma

“People lose their peripheral vision, that vision from the sides, not the central vision that sees the letters on the TV screen. Peripheral vision is lost gradually, usually for years, in a subtle, asymptomatic way. The person doesn't feel anything, there's no itchy eye, there's no Red eye, and there's nothing “This is the most dangerous type of glaucoma, it steals your sight for years and then doesn't restore it,” Benes explained.

“It was hurting here. Suddenly, I saw on Instagram that he was having surgery. I came running to the hospital. I saw him talking to everyone and saying blessings. It’s amazing now.”

“Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in the world. Some cases we can control using eye drops, others, even with the maximum dose of eye drops, we cannot control eye pressure, which requires surgery,” the specialist explained.

In more serious cases, like Maron's, emergency surgery may be necessary. Although the technique used in the singer's surgery was not revealed, the specialist explained that new technologies allow the implementation of different types of procedures to control glaucoma.

Fortunately, there are many techniques, such as some stents that we place in the “corner” of the cornea and iris. The doctor explained that it is a type of stent that has an effect similar to the stent placed in the heart, as it works to improve the flow of aqueous humor, which is the fluid that circulates inside the eye, and controls pressure.

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