The company makes the most secure Android phones in the world; Snowden Approved System | cell phone

The company makes the most secure Android phones in the world;  Snowden Approved System |  cell phone

NitroPhone 1 is the latest version from the German company Nitrokey, a cell phone that features Android-based GrapheneOS and is considered one of the most secure phones in the world. Announced last week in Europe, the difference between the smartphone is the protection of user data. The disclosure strategy was unusual in that it salvaged an old statement by Edward Snowden, who had supported the regime in the past.

Besides the technical specifications of the phone, Nitrokey also put a file reproduction Mail Made in 2019 on Twitter by a former CIA official, who is known for revealing details of the US surveillance program. In the featured speech, Snowden said that if I were to format a smartphone, “I would use graphene as an operating system.”

NitroPhone 1 has hardware based on Google Pixel 4A – Photo: Playback / Gizchina

NitroPhone 1 is not just about safety. That’s because the hardware depends on Google Pixel 4A. The interface avoids bringing a lot of apps to factory settings, giving it a simple look and ease of use. Security updates should be sent out continuously and regularly, ensuring that phones are protected in the long run.

The smartphone comes with mechanisms that enhance security, such as not integrating with cloud services such as Google Play Services. The layout used in the PIN obfuscates the numbers to protect this information when viewed in public. Finally, it is also possible to mention the implementation of Sandbox in the device settings, which is a kind of barrier that prevents malicious applications from accessing all the files on the device.

Nitrokey also thought about protection mechanisms in the event of physical attacks on the device. In this case, a sophisticated encryption system has been implemented, in addition to the use of the Titan M security chip. Another solution is to have tools such as automatic shutdown after a period of inactivity, a technology supplemented by a verified startup, thus preventing access to information on the smartphone.

Edward Snowden released classified information from US virtual surveillance systems – Photo: clone

The devices include a 5.8-inch panel that displays images in the . format Full HD +. The rear camera uses a 12.2 MP sensor, while the front camera offers 8 MP. Technical paper introduces Snapdragon 730G, octa-core from Qualcomm which works in conjunction with 6 GB of RAM. Storage capacity is 128 GB and includes features NFCAnd a Bluetooth 5.0 and P2 headphone port.

NitroPhone 1 was announced for 630 euros, which is equivalent to 3,860 Brazilian reais in direct conversion. The device is sold through the manufacturer’s website and has the possibility to deliver it to various locations.

with information from jezchina NS Nitroki

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