The children of Faustão and Gugu will duel in a Dominingão Lip Sync battle

The children of Faustão and Gugu will duel in a Dominingão Lip Sync battle

João Guilherme Silva and João Augusto Liberato will be on the Domingo Theater – Reproduction

Dominingão com Huck prepares for a special duel for the Lip Sync Battle. Let’s remember the times when Jojo Liberato (1959-2019) and Faustão competed for the Sunday audience, Luciano Huck called on Joao Augusto Liberato and Joao Guilherme Silva to face each other on the Globo stage.

The initial idea was for the presenters’ heirs to honor their parents, but the show’s owner suggested that the two participate in the show, which has already challenged many celebrities, and the result is expected to be broadcast at the beginning of October.

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Domingo’s team is still waiting to record a statement from Joao Guilherme Silva’s Faustau, which Band released to record at the Rio station that was his father’s home for decades.

Next month, he will make his debut as director of Programa do João, which will be shown on Saturday nights on Morumbi. The attraction is inspired by Lost in the Night and is directed by Chris Gomez, Beto Silva and Renato Moreira.

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The involvement of Faustão’s son Dominingão is revealed in Mais Você

In Mais Você this Wednesday (27), Tati Machado revealed the participation of João Guilherme Silva in Domingo. “Guys, the person who will start rehearsing for Domingo’s show next week is…Joao Silva, Faustão’s son,” she announced.

He continued: “There is a bigger mystery about who will be the opponent in this fight. The program is scheduled to air on October 8. Let’s see how things go… There is all this hype on social media.” A mystery by Ana Maria Braga.


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