SUS oncology installation at Lafayette (MG) raises controversy and raises doubts; The city can obtain the service and regional health insurance

SUS oncology installation at Lafayette (MG) raises controversy and raises doubts;  The city can obtain the service and regional health insurance

For more than a decade, the city has been fighting for oncology treatment, but without success. Councilor João Paulo P. Quinte (PSD) informed that Councilor Lafayette (MG) will win the long-awaited service. He announced the good news on the chamber’s podium on Tuesday night (14). According to him, the São José Hospital and Maternity Hospital will cover the treatment.

According to Pi Quinte, the foundation will promote the physical modifications needed for oncology via SUS. Service to Belo Horizonte has already been cut and patients are now undergoing treatment in Barbacena. “I was with the mayor today and he called the health superintendent to confirm the application of chemotherapy in Lafayette. The staff visited the site, approved it and asked for some modifications. Councilor Pedrinho and I were with the state representative Luisinho who visited the city, he was in the hospital and everything was arranged with the regional health department. “It will be a service arm,” he said, adding: “This way we will provide more comfort and dignity to patients in this very dramatic time without having to travel to other cities.”

There is still no set date for when the oncology facility will be established, but the announcement has raised doubts. Councilor Damiris Renarli (PV) met with the State Secretary of Health, Fabio Paceretti, with State Deputy Lohana France (PV) when oncology was the topic of discussions. According to Dameris, the Secretary was not aware of the implementation proposal or implementation protocol but demonstrated the importance of serving in Lafayette.

“We need specific information, but the Secretary of State does not know. We need information to provide the community. “It is like a service of this magnitude and the Foreign Minister knows nothing about it,” said Councilor Sandro José (PP). “What happens is that Lafayette has no political power. We were with Rep. Luisinho and everything was ready for service in Lafayette, and we were even released from Belo Horizonte. It was set for January 2024,” said Councilor Pedro Americo (PT). Something for Lafayette.”

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Amid the controversy, P Quinte responded. “We will have to call Renato (the regional health supervisor) to explain the situation. It seems that we are lying and want to know the truth. How did the Secretary of State not know about these negotiations? He did not do anything for Lafayette,” he noted.

“Mrs. Council, if I were in this meeting with the secretary, I would ask him to call the supervisor and check the situation. The highly complex medications are leaving Belo Horizonte, passing through BR 040 in front of Lafayette and we have to go to Barbacena to get the medications. This is ridiculous.”

“Our health is ruined and we depend on Barbacena for everything. It was discussed and agreed that a branch of the service should come to Lafayette. “The secretary doesn’t know anything?” asked Pedro Americo. “Whatever they can pull for Barbacena, they will pull,” he added.

“We need to put aside differences and look for a solution by joining forces. We have to move from talk to practice,” commented Vado Silva. “In Belo Horizonte the service is working well, but will changing to Barbacena solve the problem? We need to stop relying on Barbacena. “The change must be for the better,” warned Andre Menezes (PSDB). “We agreed amid the information confusion, call the minister Our health,” suggested the toucan.

A decentralized oncology unit at Lafayette is under discussion

Our correspondent contacted the Regional Supervisor of Macro Centro-Sul, based in Barbacena, Renato Soares Reis. He confirmed that in April the regional oncology service was transferred from Belo Horizonte to Barbacena. “We have started our service and registered patients. A patient undergoing treatment can choose Barbacena or continue in Belo Horizonte. New patients have already started in Barbacena,” he explained.

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Regarding the decentralized oncology unit in Lafayette, Renato said that negotiations have already begun. “We were already with the mayor who was willing to provide space for the unit and we were also at the São José Maternity Hospital which was also willing to receive the service. But we need a physical structure to receive the service with a quality and humanization to serve the patient in this very complex time. But the Supervisory Authority intends to give Decentralization of the service in Lafaiete, the largest small company in the region, and expansion of the service The Minister of Foreign Affairs has information on the progress of the process that depends on different technical and health criteria to receive the unit and added: “We are currently progressing in this process and soon we want to announce this investment in Lafayette and the area,” he said, noting that it will be an arm of IBIAPABA Hospital.

He stated that of the four small elements that make up the macro (Barbacena, Congonhas, São João del Rey), Lafayette is the most lacking in healthy structure. “We recognize that the city has fallen behind in services, and today we take a special look at Lafayette with further investments including a regional hospital that will open in 2025 with a total of 97 beds including 20 ICU beds, meeting significant demand.” In the city,” he concluded.

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