Globonews journalist sparks controversy after revealing jewelry when commenting on floods in Republika Srpska | the television

Globonews journalist sparks controversy after revealing jewelry when commenting on floods in Republika Srpska |  the television
Eliane Kantanhede during the program “Em Pauta”play video

Published 05/16/2024 09:47 | Updated on 16/05/2024 at 10:25

Rio – Journalist Eliane Kantanhedi became a topic on social media due to a statement she made during the “Em Pauta” program on the GloboNews website, on Wednesday evening (15). On this occasion, the commentator spoke about President Lula's visit to a shelter in Rio Grande do Sul and referred to the suffering of people who lost everything in the climate tragedy that affected the region. Then she recalled an incident in which she was shaken by the theft of her jewelry.


“Of course, right, you put yourself in the position of those people who lost everything. They stole my jewelry at Christmas 2023 and it was very painful. I wonder who lost everything. Your house, imagine someone who worked hard to buy one refrigerator,” Elian said. And the stove and your bed and nothing else, the house is under water.”

The comment divided netizens' opinion. “This guy's goal was to empathize and get stupidity right, which is admirable,” one Twitter user previously said. “Incredible,” another declared. “Man, these people really live in another reality. It's like they have no idea what life is like outside of their bubble,” a third person highlighted.

There are even those who remember the character Senhora dos Absordos, played by Paulo Gustavo, in the program “220 Volt”, on the Multishow channel, known as a rich white woman who talks nothing but nonsense. One netizen commented, “I can't believe this woman decided to revive the messed up lady like this on live TV.” Another wrote: “If the Lady of Stuff was hanging in a newspaper…”

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However, there were those who came to Ilian's defense. “She didn't say anything much, she just gave an example that losing their jewelery was really painful, imagine losing assets necessary to live,” one person said. “She didn't compare the loss, she just said that losing 'just the jewels' was hard enough. Imagine someone who lost everything. She used the words very poorly, but you can understand what she meant.” Another highlight.

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