The British Crown Lands will include six offshore wind farms

The British Crown Lands will include six offshore wind farms

Crown Properties on Thursday (19) announced rental properties for the installation of six offshore wind farms capable of providing power to more than seven million homes.

The foundation said the agreements cemented the UK as the second-largest producer of offshore wind power, after China.

The six new parks – three on the west coast of England and Wales, and three on the North Sea to the east – will add 8 gigawatts of renewable electricity by 2030.

Jas Jaspert of Crown Properties said this “shows the world that the UK’s offshore wind sector is growing at a satisfactory pace to help meet the climate challenge”.

Today, the UK has nearly 14 gigawatts of installed wind capacity at dozens of offshore wind farms, according to RenewableUK.

The British government hopes to reach 50 gigawatts by the end of this decade, in line with its commitments to combat climate change.

The Crown Estate owns and operates most of the UK’s seabed and is responsible for allocating extraction rights for its resources.

The royal family provides the net income from their exploitation to the British government, under a century-old agreement. But the king recovers part of it. Through a subsidy intended to finance the expenses of the royal family.

On Thursday, Buckingham Palace reported separately that King Charles III had asked that profits from new wind farms be used “for the broader public good” rather than increasing his budget.


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