The #1 protein to include in your daily diet

The #1 protein to include in your daily diet

Studies show that we should eat at least 50 grams of protein a day, because this substance is important for the production of energy for our body, as well as aiding in the growth and health of muscles and bones.

In general, protein is found more in foods of animal origin, but do you know what is the best protein for your daily diet? Well, check out the best protein option here and how to include it in your daily diet.

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Eggs are the best protein

Contrary to what many believe, the best type of protein is not red meat, but an egg! After all, this is a whole food full of vitamins. Among the nutrients available in this food are B vitamins and iron, which are very effective for muscle growth. In addition, it also generates a greater feeling of satiety, so it is possible to reduce the amount of portions in meals. In this way, the egg is a great ally for those who adopt physical exercise and seek to improve the performance of their bodies.

In addition, its benefits are diverse, so that it can cooperate with the health of the whole body, from the brain to the muscles and eyes. Due to its reserves of lutein and zeaxatin, it contributes to the reduction of bad cholesterol, as well as the presence of vitamin A helps to maintain an updated immunity. Finally, it is worth noting that this protein is an excellent way to fight anemia, as it contains a large amount of vitamin B12 and folic acid.

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How to introduce eggs into food

We know how versatile eggs are, and they can be served fried, boiled, omelet, side dish or main course. In all these ways the egg can perform the function of providing proteins. However, the “cleanest” way to consume it is cooked. After all, this way you will be able to preserve all the properties without the extra fat that comes with frying oil.

However, it is possible to diversify the method of preparation, use it in the preparation of salads, with carbohydrates, such as couscous, or pure, because they are also very tasty!

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