Sports coach Rana Rider has been investigated for misconduct

Sports coach Rana Rider has been investigated for misconduct
The American technician said he was not aware of the investigation (Reprodução/@ranareider/Instagram)

Athlete’s coach Rana Rider, who has worked with several top athletes, is under investigation by the US Center for Safe Sports after receiving accusations of sexual misconduct by several athletes. The news was published exclusively in the British newspaper Watchman.

well-known technician

Rana Rider, 51, has coached many Olympic and world champion athletes. Examples include Canadian Andre de Grasse, gold medalist in the 200 meters in Tokyo 2020, and American Christian Taylor, world triple jump champion. Ryder runs the Elite Training Center in Florida, USA.

The American Center for Safe Sports, which is investigating Rana Rider, is a powerful, independent body that investigates complaints and complaints about abuse and misconduct in Olympic sports.

End of union with athletes

Also, according to The Guardian, the accusations sparked some directives to British athletes Adam Gemly and Daryl Netta by the UK Athletics Authority (UKA), the body that coordinates athletics in the UK. According to UKA, Gemili and Neita will have to end their professional connection with the coach. Otherwise, their membership in the UK Government’s Global Program and Lottery Fund will be suspended. Other athletes considering moving to the United States to train with Ryder have also been warned about these conditions.

Ryder denies guilt

The British newspaper contacted the technician, who claimed he was unaware of the investigation. “You can call my lawyer, because this is new to me,” said the American. Ryan Stevens, Ryder’s representative, said the charges lacked evidence. The lawyer defended “the timing and suspicious motives associated with these unconfirmed attacks on Rana’s reputation need full investigation and examination, and this has not been done.”

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