Scientists who challenge the idea of ​​time and space

Scientists who challenge the idea of ​​time and space
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When someone asks about the beginning of the universe, is the Big Bang the first answer that comes to mind?

So know that some scholars are skeptical that this was the beginning of it all – and that a young researcher is going so far as to claim that there may not even have been the beginning of it all.

This is Bruno Pinto, a Portuguese researcher in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Liverpool, UK. Pinto is co-author of an academic paper, If Time Had No Beginning (“If time had no beginning”, in the free translation), which is still under review by other experts.

attributed to him, GT

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The Big Bang is our traditional view of the origin of the universe

His theory differs from our traditional understanding of the passage of time. He suggests the existence of an infinite past and considers the Big Bang just one more event in the history of the universe, which has always existed.

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