Resuming talks in Vienna on Iran’s nuclear program on Monday – 23/12/2021

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Vienna December 23, 2021 (AFP) – The European Union, which wants to accelerate its efforts to save the Iran nuclear deal, announced that negotiators for the Iranian nuclear program will meet again on Monday (27th) in Vienna. .

“It is important to speed up the main issues that are still outstanding (…) and work closely with the United States,” EU Coordinator Enrique Mora wrote on Twitter.

“Welcome to the eighth round of discussions on December 27,” he added.

The Vienna negotiations aimed to bring the United States back into the agreement. Currently, Washington is indirectly involved, while Tehran refuses to hold direct talks with the US government.

After several days of “serious and intense” discussions, according to Tehran, the delegations temporarily left the negotiations last week and reported some technical progress.

But unanimously, high-ranking diplomats from France, Germany and the United Kingdom (E3) lamented the “disappointing interruption” after the desire expressed by the head of the Iranian delegation, Ali Bagheri, to return to Tehran.

The Europeans wanted a new meeting before the end of the year, insisting there was “little space” for dialogue.

After the first session during the spring (Northern Hemisphere), interrupted by the election of a new ultra-conservative president of Iran in June, diplomats met again in late November in the Austrian capital.

The 2015 agreement was affected in 2018 by the withdrawal of the United States, then under the presidency of Donald Trump.

In response to the reimposition of sanctions on Iran, Iran has gradually eliminated restrictions on its nuclear program, which deny its desire to develop atomic weapons.

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US negotiator Rob Malley said on Tuesday that if Tehran continued nuclear activities at its current pace, it would have only “a few weeks” to salvage the deal, and warned of a “crisis” if diplomacy failed.

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