Rachel Scheherazade leads vote to remain in Fazenda 15; look

Rachel Scheherazade leads vote to remain in Fazenda 15;  look
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“Fazenda 15”: who stays? Vote for Rachel Scheherazade, Lucas or Natalia

The recent external controversies involving woman Natalia Valiente have influenced the vote for the first farm of the season, scheduled to take place on Thursday evening (28). Caio Dantas, Natalia’s ex-husband, revealed the attempt to betray the influencer with Neymar Jr., as a result of which the difference in voting with Rachel Scheherazade and Lucas Souza decreased.

In the previous part of the iG Gente poll, Natalia Valiente appeared with 5.7% of the votes compared to 35% for Lucas. Now, Natalia Valente received 7.1% of the votes, compared to 33.8% of the votes for Lucas, JoJo’s ex-lover. Rachel Scheherazade continues to be the most voted to stay on the reality show, with 59.1% of the votes (0.1% less than the previous installment).

Natalia Valente appears as the first eliminated from “A Fazenda 15”. Rachel Scheherazade and Lucas Souza must return to the headquarters of the program led by Adrian Galisto.

Formation of the first farm

Journalist Rachel Scheherazade joined the farm after a direct recommendation from farmer Yuri. Lucas Souza had the most votes in the council, receiving 16 votes. Andre Gonsalves was the only member of the Resta Am dynamic group, and they all managed to compete in the race that would free one of the participants from the farm, which was won by Andre, who escaped from the farm.

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Influencer Natalia Valiente, who was in the booth and was pulled over by Lucas Souza, did not have the right to compete in the farmers’ test. Tiktoker was intercepted by André Gonçalves on the day the farm was created.

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