In a meeting with businessmen Lewandowski once again defends “SUS for public security”

In a meeting with businessmen Lewandowski once again defends “SUS for public security”

Minister of Justice and Public Security, Ricardo LewandowskiToday, Monday (20), he once again defended the inclusion of a unified public security system in the constitution (commentary).

“In order to promote integration, we must do what former President Michel Temer envisioned, but through ordinary law, but by constitutionalizing this system, creating a SUS-style constitutional suspension,” said the minister, who participated in a meeting with the Foreign Minister. Businessmen at the headquarters of the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (FISP), in the capital, São Paulo.

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Lewandowski referred to the law that in 2018 established the Unified Public Security System (Susp). After the legislation was issued, the Federation began allocating resources to support public security measures in states and municipalities.

But the minister says he believes it is necessary to include the commentary in the constitution so that there is real integration in the work of the various bodies concerned with security. “I think our Constitution is still very focused on this view of domestically committed crime,” he said. Lewandowski believes that it is necessary to improve coordination between the relevant bodies, especially to combat organized crime that operates internationally and virtually.

Among the changes to the constitutional text that he proposes, Lewandowski also highlighted the expansion of the powers of the Federal Police (PF). “So that you can combat organized crime more efficiently and, ultimately, be present in areas of environmental reserves, including indigenous reserves,” he said.

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Prison crisis

National planning must also include, according to the Minister of Justice, the prison system, which, as he stated, suffers from an “unconstitutional situation” – a widespread and systematic violation of basic human rights. “The Brazilian prison system is, unfortunately, a chaotic system. Each country has its own organization, its own problems, often very serious, which generate revolutions and massacres inside the prisons.

However, Lewandowski considered that the proposal to introduce the suspension into the Constitution still needs to be presented in detail to the President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT). “We are measuring, so to speak, the extent of acceptance of these ideas, and we are talking to some parliamentarians. We have theoretically presented the idea to the President of the Republic, who will decide the suitability and opportunity of this matter.”

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The Minister also stressed that the proposal would not detract from the independence of the states responsible for civil and military police, as well as the management of the vast majority of prisons.

“The Conservatives have nothing to lose in terms of independence in relation to public safety. “What we understand is that it is necessary for the Federation to have some general guidelines that can be met by federal entities, including municipalities in these federal entities, so that federal funds can be allocated within a common goal.”

(with Brazil agency)

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