Quiroga says health can allow doctors to work even if they are infected

Posted on 07/01/2022 14:31 / Updated on 07/01/2022 14:33

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The Ministry of Health is assessing the possibility of reducing the quarantine of health professionals, who will have to return to work even if they are infected. This is what Minister Marcelo Quiroga said in an interview with journalists on Friday (1/7).

Quiroga had already said that the ministry would analyze the possibility of reducing the isolation time required for patients with coronavirus to five days. The ministry currently recommends a 10- to 14-day quarantine for those who test positive for the disease.

According to the minister, the agency’s secretaries will hold a meeting tomorrow, Friday, to discuss the two matters.

The justification for the file is that other countries are adopting similar measures. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) changed its recommendations for confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in asymptomatic patients, as well as for those whose symptoms have passed or disappeared. Since December last year, the recommended quarantine period in the country has been increased from 10 to 5 days, in addition to the need to constantly wear a mask for another 5 days, when the patient is in contact with other people.

In the UK, the large number of sick leaves has prompted the government to call in the army to support work in hospitals.

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