Prince Harry loses court case for protection in Britain

Prince Harry loses court case for protection in Britain

Prince Harry has failed after filing a lawsuit seeking protection for his family in the British judiciary

Prince Harry British Judiciary failed. According to People magazine's website, he unsuccessfully sought police protection for his family while in the United Kingdom.

He went to court seeking protection for himself, his wife Meghan Markle and their two children, Archie and Lilibet, whenever he is in the UK to visit family and events. That's because they lost their right to local police protection after they relinquished their status as active members of the royal family in February 2020.

According to the judge in the case, the government committed no wrongdoing in removing protection for Harry's family from the Royalties and Public Figures Protection Committee. As a result, the decision to exclude him from the protection scheme is valid, which means Harry will get the contracts he needs, but not automatically, like other members of the royal family.

Now Harry's defense have said they will appeal the decision, understanding the prince did not need special treatment. He wants the same consideration as other royals because the committee would not have carried out a specific risk analysis in his case.

In 2020, Harry offered to pay for the services of the security team, but his offer was rejected. “England is my home. The UK is central to my children's heritage and I want them to feel just as at home as where they currently live in the US. This will not happen if there is no possibility of keeping them safe while on British soil. With my life experiences, I can't put my wife at risk, and I'm reluctant to put myself at risk unnecessarily.,” he said at the time.

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Find out what the relationship between King Charles III and Prince Harry is like

After receiving the news that his father was diagnosed with cancer, King Charles III, Prince Harry He returned to England to reunite with the King. After the meeting, a source close to the royal family commented on the possibility of the two reconciling after the news.

In an interview with ET, the royal expert Katie Nicholl Commented on the reunion between father and son.“We can only imagine it will be an emotional reunion.” The source also commented on the possibility of a reconciliation between the two. “The King wants to reconcile with Harry. He must have been very relieved and comforted by Harry meeting him. It was emotionally difficult for both of them.” Kate commented.

The expert said that King Charles always wanted to work things out with his youngest son, even after the truth revealed in the prince's autobiography. “Regardless of some of the things Harry wrote, I know that Charles's door was always open [em seu livro]. No matter what Harry says or does, he loves his son.”He said.

Katie also said this reconciliation extends to her niece. Meghan Markleand his grandchildren, Archie This is Lilibeth4 and 2 years old. “He really wants to bond with his niece and his grandkids. I think when someone has a serious health problem, it makes you rethink things, and that's why Harry took the first flight he could.” Done.

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