Premier League agree to sell Chelsea – 05/24/2022

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London, May 24 (EFE). The Premier League on Tuesday agreed to buy Chelsea from the consortium led by American Todd Boehle, which still needs to get the green light from the UK government.

It is necessary to obtain a special license from the London Executive, because there are restrictions imposed on the club, due to the current sanctions against Russian Roman Abramovich, who is still the owner of the “Blues”.

Currently, Chelsea is already operating with a special license from the government, which will expire on the 31st and which allows it to carry out certain operations, such as receiving money for broadcast rights and selling tickets for certain games.

However, the mandate would need a special extension to complete the purchase by Boehly, who owns the Los Angeles Dodgers, one of the most popular Major League Baseball (MLB) franchises.

The Premier League has reported that Buhle and the alliance he leads have passed the league’s owners and managers’ test.

From now on, Chelsea will work with the relevant authorities to ensure the purchase is complete, which will allow for a return to normal operation.

The club hopes to be able to reopen the official store, as well as the green light to buy, sell and renew player contracts, as well as sell tickets for all games.

The consortium led by Bohli will pay 4.25 billion pounds (25.6 billion Brazilian riyals) to buy Chelsea FC, owned by Abramovich since 2003.

However, the Russian oligarch was forced to put up the “Blues” for sale due to the sanctions imposed on him, due to his closeness to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who ordered the invasion of the territory of Ukraine. EFE

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