Polar hour exercises can now be downloaded from the Swiss Live Well app

The Polar app’s training interface is a cause of controversy among runners. Some judge him old fashion too much. The Finnish brand, the world leader in wearable And heart rate technology, it promises to update Polar Flow soon. And now there’s another option for that, a good option for those looking for a quality of life and health over performance. Polar has just established a global partnership with Swiss app Live Well, and it has the highest marks on the App Store. Immediately, users from Brazil, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom can test the novelty.

Live Well was created in 2021 by Zurich, the leading company in health and wellness services.

“The global partnership between Polar and Livewell unites our products and the Zurich App with a common goal: to make our users better around the world. With this move, we have been able to offer another tool to overcome daily goals and achieve a healthy lifestyle, offering a unique experience tailored to our athletes,” he said. says Andre Bandera, director of Polar in Brazil.

The LiveWell app is an innovative digital interaction platform created last year by the Swiss company Zurich, the leader in health and wellness services. It is built around a holistic approach, working on four main pillars: physical, mental, social and financial health. Together, the two brands aim to help their communities take control of their health through a global partnership.

By sticking to their wellness goals and participating in healthy activities, LiveWell users earn points to celebrate their progress and redeem rewards – which now includes purchasing Polar products at discounted prices; and other activities such as individual and group challenges, to stimulate participation and competition among users.

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“Living a healthy life should be easy, but in everyday life this is not always the case,” says Helen Westerlind, CEO of LiveWell by Zurich. “Partnering with Polar allows us to offer our customers the best of both worlds. By combining Polar products with the LiveWell app, we aim to make it as easy as possible for our customers to follow their individual health journey.”

Here is the QR code to download the LiveWell app. It is free and available for Android and IOS. To start the journey towards a healthier life, after downloading the app, enter the activation code UNCB-UP83-78QY and connect your Polar sports watch.

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