PHOTOS: US Air Force sends B-2 bombers to mission in the Arctic – Cavok Brasil

PHOTOS: US Air Force sends B-2 bombers to mission in the Arctic - Cavok Brasil

Three Northrop Grumman B2A Spirit stealth bombers from the US Air Force’s 509th Bomber Wing (BW), Whitman AFB, Missouri, landed in Keflavik AFB, Iceland on August 23.

The stealth bombers and associated personnel have been deployed on a long-planned mission of the Bomber Task Force (BTF), which represents its first forward operation from Iceland. This publication highlights the capabilities of Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC) pilots in executing Agile Bomber Combat (ACE) operations in the European theater.

During deployment, the BW 509’s crew and pilots will undertake missions introducing them to work in European theater and European airspace, while refining skills and relationships with NATO allies and regional partners. On August 25, the B-2 Spirit flew in formation over the North Sea with F-15C Eagles and F-15E Strike Eagles from the 48th Fighter Wing at Lakenheath.

The stealth bomber then made a low-key approach to Fairford Base on the same night. This clearly highlighted the migratory work that the B-2As and their crews are doing with partners USAFE & AFAFRICA as they are deployed to the BTF mission.

BTF missions have been underway since 2018, with several USAF bomber wings and several bomber platforms deployed at bases across Europe, including RAF Fairford in the UK. Although this is the first BTF mission by a B-2 operating from Iceland, it is not the first time the B-2 has gone to Iceland, in late 2019, the B-2 made its first visit to Iceland, landing in Iceland. Keflavik Air Base Hot Refueling.

“Regular cooperation of bomber activities with allies and partners helps us better meet the challenges of the complex global security environment. Strong partnerships are essential to our ability to deter, defend, and win,” said Gen. Jeff Harrigian, Commander of USAFE & AFARICA.

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