Para Paulo musician Andre Parata dies • DOL

Para Paulo musician Andre Parata dies • DOL

This Monday (25), the day on which he would have been 77 years old, musician Paolo Andre Baratta passed away.

This information was confirmed by Tito Baratta, the composer’s brother, in a post on social media.

“He left for the infinite sky. He was a four-sided Pará musician and composer. A supporter of Paysandu and Fluminense. He loved animals and sang about the Amazons. He devoted his life to artistic creation and the common good.

May God protect, guide and support you in your new journey and home.

Kiss, brother.”

Paulo Andre was admitted to Porto Dias Hospital for ten days.

According to the family, the composer will be buried starting at 10 pm at the Teatro da Paz, and the burial is scheduled to take place on Tuesday morning (26) in the Santa Isabel Cemetery in Belém.

Governor Helder Barbalo announced that Pará would declare three days of mourning.

Life and work

Paulo Andre Baratta was born in Belém on September 25, 1946. A supporter of Paysandu and Fluminense, his musical talent began to flourish in his adolescence and was improved at the Carlos Gomez Conservatory and by teachers Tu Teixeira in Belém and Wilma Graca in Belém. Rio de Janeiro.

The poet Rui Baratta, Paolo Andre’s father, was one of his loyal partners, always following his son’s musical works, which were involved in partnerships that marked Barra’s singer’s career. Among the partnerships built by Paulo Andre, we can highlight: Paulo César Pinheiro, João de Jesus Paes Loureiro, Cabinan, Alfredo Oliveira, Antonio Adolfo, Sergio Ricardo, Nelson Chavez, João Donato, J. Petronello, Luiz Coronel, Mario Telles, Jose. Maria Villar, Maranhão.

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Paulo André’s compositions became known nationally thanks to the unique interpretation given by Fava de Belém, who lent his voice to the songs “Indauê Tupão” and “Esse Rio é Minha Rua”, which were included on his first LP, in 1976. At that time, The singer created these songs as the soundtrack to the movie Líbero Luxardo – “Brutos Inocentes”.

Later, in 1977, Fava returned to recording Paolo Andre Baratta’s compositions. The songs “Foi Assim” and “Pauapixuna” were part of the singer’s second album and became huge hits on the Brazilian music scene.

In 1978, Paulo Andre released his first album entitled “Nativo”. In 1980, it was time to launch the second project, entitled “Amazon River” from the now defunct Continental company. The duo LP received acclaim from professional critics.

In 1979, he participated in the “Costa Costa International Festival” held in Uruguay and won first place with the song “Nativo.”

In 1990, at the invitation of the company from Para – Engelplan – Paulo recorded a third CD entitled “Paulo Para Semper Ruy”, which was later digitized and included two more songs, and is now an independent production.

At the end of the 1990s, the Ministry of Culture of the State of Pará supported the recording of a double CD by the singer from Pará, entitled “Projeto Uirapurá: O Canto da Amazônia”. In this production, Paolo showed all his talent in translating different musical rhythms, influenced by different artists whom he never hid his admiration for. Among the inspirations: Dorival Cayme, Tom Jobim, Villa-Lobos, Debussy and others.

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The songs of Paulo André Baratta will remain forever engraved in Baratta’s memory, a cultural contribution that spans the ages and that will certainly continue to be heard through the voices of great artists, such as Fava de Belém and other interpreters who knew Baratta’s works deeply.

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