Outbreaks and delays abroad bode ill for sport in Brazil

Outbreaks and delays abroad bode ill for sport in Brazil

Football is also affected | Photo: Disclosure

Of the 15 players on the NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks, 10 are quarantined and cannot play due to COVID-19 combat protocols. The micron variant and the relaxation of measures imposed during the epidemic caused outbreaks of the disease in different parts of the world.

The NBA has already had to postpone several games and Commissioner (leader) Adam Silver has already announced in denial that it will be out for an extended period in an effort to reduce the number of infections.

The reason for thinking about strategic pitfalls is valid: With so many misappropriations, the product is affected. Reserve players and even those without contract have to play a lot, which changes the quality of the game a lot and even the odds of betting (see no site Which bets are best for creating an account).

One example is the Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron James’ team despite being in a bad moment still has low odds of winning matches due to the presence of an ace. But even head coach Frank Vogel had to leave the team to isolate himself and follow protocol. Performance has fallen further, with less than 50% used in about half of the season.

Football is also suffering from a new wave of Covid

Football is also affected. Ten matches in the Premier League They have already been put off and a lot has been said about the lack of a Christmas and New Year tour, which is very traditional in English football. In the end, the decision was to continue, with plenty of criticism.

Real Madrid has also been hit hard by the new wave. Brazilian players Rodrygo and Marcelo, as well as Luka Modric, Marco Asensio, Gareth Bale and Andre Lunin, tested positive and were embezzled at the end of the year.

After a season in 2021 in which fans returned to the stadiums in force and the number of injured fell as vaccination progressed, Brazil expected a normal life in 2022 in its sport.

But if the percentage of people vaccinated in Brazil is slightly higher than in the UK and Germany – 78% vs. 76% and 73%, respectively, of people vaccinated at least one dose – it still isn’t enough to say that it is Completely safe and still 100% occupied.

Proof of this is that there are already cases of postponement in Brazil. The match between Sesi and SESI, which was to take place on December 20, has been postponed due to injuries to five SESI athletes. It is now scheduled to depart in January.

Concern for less than a year because vaccination largely prevents hospitalization and more serious illness. But because the omicron variant is more contagious, although not punitive, the virus continues to spread and the risk of new variants “escaping” from vaccines remains real and worrisome. the flu progression – Also with a new variant – There is another piece of news that will keep everyone alert.

For this reason, authorities around the world point out that measures such as protective mask use and social distancing, as well as encouraging ongoing vaccination, should not be relaxed with the two planned doses (of most vaccines) and the following-called booster dose. There are already more than 24 million people in Brazil who have taken the third dose – the second for those who received the Johnson-Johnson vaccine. After São Paulo reduced the period between doses from five to four months, the federal government did so too, speeding up the process especially for those most at risk from the virus.

Another measure of great importance is the cancellation of major events such as New Year’s Eve in major cities and even Carnival. As the battle progresses, giving up our gains so far is not a good idea, so the party can wait a little longer.

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