Open gyms: the rules everyone must follow

Open gyms: the rules everyone must follow
For those who enjoy being physically active, Opening of gyms It is cause for joy. For those who do not like it and need it, it serves as a catalyst. And for those who have discovered this lifestyle now, the possibilities are endless.

Eduardo Neto, Professor of Physical Education, MSc in Motor Science, Postgraduate Degree in Exercise Physiology and Technical Director of Bodytech Gym Network, highlights that there is a significant concern in the health issue, especially the protective factor.

“The social isolation imposed by the pandemic has caused us to limit this practice, which has led to higher levels of a sedentary lifestyle. You basic pillars When we think about health promotion they are: weight control, muscle function, mental health and the immune system. It has not yet been possible to detect changes in the students’ profile. But we have this hypothesis. In countries where the epidemic is already at more controlled levels, there appears to be a significant increase in people seeking the services of physical education professionals with the primary goal of improving their health. I think this will happen in Brazil with the progress of vaccination and control of the epidemic,” says Eduardo Neto.

For those who have decided to return to the in-person classroom, the teacher warns: “Those who should be in the hospital Or those who still have persistent symptoms of COVID-19, such as chest pain, difficulty breathing and/or heart palpitations, and symptoms suggestive of PTSD, should undergo clinical evaluation beforehand. Those without symptoms should return to exercise after at least seven days without symptoms. The ideal is to start with two weeks of very light exertion, with minimal intensity stimuli. It is important that this return be gradual and preferably accompanied by a professional.”

Physical education teacher Eduardo Neto emphasizes that the main goal is to provide a safe environment for students
(Photo: personal archive)
About the uncomfortable mask of activities, the teacher emphasizes that the solution lies in learning to live with it in public environments.

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“In terms of training, yes, it is possible to do exercises with EPI. It is safe and necessary for health. It will be necessary to meet the main obstacle, the low respiratory rate, as the person is forced to breathe more slowly to overcome the resistance imposed by the mask. It is adjustment moment High intensity physiological activities will be particularly challenging. But the important thing is to be patient, stay active, and train light or moderate.”

Eduardo Neto reminds us that the main objective, to which every academy must belong, is to provide a safe environment for students. Thus, they will be able to be physically independent, relieve stress, improve their mood, stay social and, above all, keep their immune system boosted. Therefore, doing physical exercise is very important at a time like this we are experiencing.

And more than ever, monitoring by a physical education professional is essential, with the right equipment. “This combo increases student motivation, individualizes and personalizes practice, reduces injury risk and improves outcomes,” he says.

What to note

Tips to take care of using the mask during physical activity:

  1. Breathe slowly and deeply instead of trying to increase your breathing rate. The barrier imposed by the mask will make it difficult to capture oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide.
  2. For now, the ideal situation is to focus on health, and training should be done at light or moderate intensity. Low-intensity exercises require fewer changes, and therefore generate less discomfort.
  3. To be effective, the mask should cover the mouth, nose and close to the face, but not intrusive.
  4. When doing more intense or long-term activities, for example cycling or running, you should always have spare personal protective equipment on hand. Wet attachment loses filtration ability.
  5. During training, it is necessary to pay attention to and monitor sensations. When you notice something out of harm’s way, stop and call the teacher.
  6. Wearing a mask while training is a basic rule for everyone to be safe. This situation shows that you care about your health and the health of others. Don’t forget to take your mask with you every time you train.
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* Source: Eduardo Neto, Technical Director of Bodytech, Professor

of physical education and a master’s degree in kinetic sciences

new habits

For eight years, regular physical activity has been part of the life of 29-year-old press officer Lauren Sousa. However, in 2021, she decided to change her habits in light of the impact of the pandemic on her life.

“is being stuck at home, removed from everything, caused anxiety attacks, which led to weight gain. Motivated by those year-end promises, in January of this year I started watching with a nutritionist and took advantage of opening gyms to start training with someone. Since January 14 I have been doing physical activity six times a week. I combine functional training with weight training. My training lasts an average of 1 hour and 40 minutes.”

Press Officer Lauren Souza says she follows all protocols for exercising in the gym (Image: Personal Archive)
Press Officer Lauren Souza says she follows all protocols for working out in the gym (Picture: Profile)

While she couldn’t work out in the gym, Lauren says she turned to online platforms with simple equipment like dumbbells, a mat and a rope.

“I was always disciplined, so I exercised for at least 30 minutes from Monday to Saturday. In September 2020, I tried to go back to academia. I started training in a bodybuilding studio near home, but I was going with it Very afraid. Training was personal and had a maximum of five people at the same time. But fear will not allow me to be disciplined. I missed and often stopped going to training at home. Some people were wearing masks, some weren’t, and that made me very insecure, because here at home we take the pandemic very seriously. I ended up leaving,” says the counselor.

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But in January, with a nod to his staff, Gabriel Ribeiro, he found a gym fully prepared to receive students with the security the moment required. She says she follows all protocols: she wears a mask, takes alcohol in a gel, and has a water bottle and towel. Sanitizes equipment before and after use and avoids training at busy times.

“The gym cleaning team is always cleaning the spaces, bathrooms and equipment. They measure the temperature at the entrance, they have a sanitizing rug at the entrance, they provide 70% alcohol in all areas and also wipes for cleaning equipment. The social environment is respectful too, especially in group classes. Salama helped me The environment is a lot in my focus, I train with a certain calm. I have already shed 10 kg,” he points out.

The only problem that still leaves Lauren insecure, and therefore more attentive, is the behavior of some of the students. The vast majority respect security protocols, but there are those that are irresponsible. The Academy is doing its part and has equipped the staff well and is always vigilant and draws the attention of the stubborn one who insists on leaving chin mask. “

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