Online MBA 900 with scholarship from the University of London

Online MBA 900 with scholarship from the University of London

Opportunities abound in the Santander Universities program in June. The 900 full scholarships for the three online MBA introductory courses conducted in conjunction with the British London School of Economics are new this time around. Classes are offered in Portuguese, English and Spanish and address the 3 pillars of management and business, namely Strategy, Finance and Leadership. The contents are designed for young or experienced professionals.

The programs last 10 weeks and include quick and practical ways to integrate the core MBA criteria for career advancement. According to the Santander Universities Program website, the course is divided into 10 modules, each lasting one week and designed to be completed according to the students’ custom.

Scholarships include support from mentors and facilitators, contacting colleagues in forums and dynamics. To apply, you do not need to have a bachelor’s degree or extensive proven professional experience. Classes begin on September 28th and end on December 7th, 2022.

How the London School of Economics course works

According to Santander, professors at the London School of Economics (LSE) will provide key skills in the business sector and teach accounting techniques and tools, as well as how to identify, enhance and utilize the company’s competitive strategies. Improve performance.

In addition, the program outlines how to develop good leadership and how to properly use human behavior in decision-making processes.

Class blocks are divided into:

  • Volume 1: Leading with influence;
  • Volume 2: Economics for Managers;
  • Volume 3: Competitive Strategy;
  • Volume 4: Corporate Strategy;
  • Volume 5: Financial Accounting;
  • Volume 6: Management Accounting;
  • Volume 7: Analysis of Financial Statements;
  • Volume 8: In the mind of the manager;
  • Volume 9: Nudging Behavior;
  • Volume 10: Organizational Culture as a Leading Tool.
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How to register

The selection process for scholarship recipients is divided into two stages. First, the candidate must register Santander Becas PortalRegister for the “MBA Essentials 2022 – LSE” program and select the language of the classes you want to study. Then, it is necessary to carry out a rational test, which will be sent by email and last about 40 minutes.

Anyone passing Phase 1 to Phase 2 will receive a situational judgment assessment by email. At the same point, you need to send a motivational letter and your LinkedIn profile.

Most of them Information here. To apply for the 2022 MBA Essentials Program in association with the London School of Economics, Access the link. Interested parties should apply by June 30, 2022.

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