Englishmen will be appointed to attend weddings, discos and football matches to test plans to promote isolation.

Festivals, weddings and football matches may return to the UK in the summer. In the coming months, volunteers will participate in pilot projects to demonstrate that these events can be safe.

The Brits are ready to start recruiting to attend packed football games, weddings and nightclubs Within the framework of trials of isolation and preventive measures to be undertaken by the United Kingdom in the coming months.

Volunteers will participate Scientific experiments under a government program to ease restrictions on mass community gatherings To test whether it is safe to return to this normal state.

The reopening program will explore this type of testing method, Determining what kind of safety precautions should be implemented so that the massive events budgeted for the summer return are safe and do not become new sources of COVID-19 infection.

According to the British newspaper The Times The government is preparing ten pilots with different structures starting from April.

The strategy is called a “Event Research Project”, It is seen as a blueprint for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to finally end the restrictions imposed by the COVID in Britain.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson will visit the Agrington Academy in Agrington, UK on February 25, 2021.  Anthony Devlin / Pool via REUTERS
The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson will visit the Agrington Academy in Agrington, UK on February 25, 2021. Anthony Devlin / Pool via REUTERS

Individuals who are part of these pilot programs They should be tested for corona virus at specific times before and after the events they attend.

Earlier in the week Boris Johnson put forward predictions that the English government would gradually deregulate, reopen businesses and allow massive events to resume.

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According to the plan, Pubs in the UK will reopen from April 12 so they can get drinkers outdoors, but until May 17 they will be able to serve customers indoors.

The curfew order, which is still in effect at 10pm, will be lifted, in addition to substantial food ordering to enjoy an alcoholic beverage.


The cinemas will return from May and the nightclubs will be operational again by the end of June, welcoming partygoers for the first time since March 2020. All restrictions on marriages are expected to be lifted in June.

Performances and football matches

The project comes as it was announced this week that the Reading, Leeds and Camp Festival music festivals will reopen this summer.

In addition, fans can turn to watch sports and live music in theaters and arenas, along with social distances.

Outdoor stadiums will have a capacity of 25 percent for up to 10,000 fans.

Minor outdoor events will be limited to 50 percent capacity for up to 4,000 fans and indoor events up to 1,000 percent for 50 percent capacity.

By May 17 the UK stadiums could have 10,000 fans
By May 17 the UK stadiums could have 10,000 fans

The move will see fans return to the grounds in the 2020/21 Premier League finals, For the first time since some last March.

Based on the government’s pilot program that checks whether the compiled events are safe, a verification check system will be carried out before or after the participants’ arrival.

Air conditioning and extra ventilation will be tested to see if the seats are safe.

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Volunteers can also explore stumbled entry and exit times by attending crowded live events such as a football game or concert.

Marriages return

According to the plan, At least one couple will get married without full COVID restrictions.

The bride and groom attending the ceremonies to be held this year are on the verge of learning how their plans will be affected.

This week it was revealed that the Prime Minister’s road map will allow them From April 12 to 15 participants, including the bride and groom. By May 17 this number will rise to 30.

Restrictions on marriages will be lifted from June.
Restrictions on marriages will be lifted from June.

Unlimited guests are expected to be allowed All restrictions will be lifted until June 21But the Prime Minister stressed that this will be reviewed closely in time.

Stuart Owens of the UK Marriage Working Group said he hoped the government’s plan to test marital security would boost the sector.

He told the Times: “In many ways weddings are easier to control than other large-scale events because you know who is coming. You can communicate with them before and after and you can control the flow of the day. However, despite the crisis, weddings are considered the most publicized event.

According to Owens, his organization participates in the event research program and will advance some significant pilots with the aim of proving that marriages are safe, and that they can be conducted normally again.

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