On/Off: Super-Easy NSA Tips that Protect Your Phone from Hackers – 08/23/2021

On/Off: Super-Easy NSA Tips that Protect Your Phone from Hackers - 08/23/2021

Simple tip to protect a file cell phone The US National Security Agency (NSA) issued against cybercriminals: Turn off your cell phone often.

It is not new that there is always anxiety data leak About. A cell phone is one of the devices that collects its most valuable information pirates, such as your location, address, personal passwords, bank accounts, documents, sensitive conversations, contacts, photos. Turning off the device too often can prevent this data from spreading around.

a The NSA has developed a guide With valuable tips for mobile security and highly recommending people to turn off their phones often. At least once a week.

Without network access, it becomes difficult for criminals to access and steal personal information to sell.

zero groups

The tips become relevant due to some of the strategies that cybercriminals use to gain access to the cell phones of the victims. One of them is called “zero clicks”. In it, a person does not need to click on any suspicious links to fall into the trap. Hacking technology takes advantage of vulnerabilities in a cell phone’s operating system, allowing malicious software to be installed without the user’s consent.

A recent example of the application of this technique is Pegasus caseSpyware Created by an Israeli company This allows you to secretly track all the activities of the infected person with the infected device. Almost like a virus, it can read sent and written messages and access bank account information, social networks Email messages.

Pegasus was used to spy 50,000 human rights activists, journalists and lawyers around the world.

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NS google browser Apple said they fixed potential vulnerabilities that would allow spying, but there is still risk in devices that haven’t been updated or in vulnerabilities that haven’t yet been discovered.

Regardless of the type of malware and virus, in addition to frequently turning off your phone, immediately check if your device has an updated operating system.

The NSA also recommends other measures to increase privacy and security on mobile phones:

  • Do not open attachments and links from unknown persons
  • Don’t hold conversations about sensitive topics via messages
  • Use the original charger and other cell phone accessories
  • Do not use public USB chargers or networks wi-fi where Bluetooth general
  • Disable location (from cell phone GPS and/or file Reach through social media) when possible
  • Use strong passwords – don’t choose a parent’s birthday
  • Uses Statistical validation To protect access to applications

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