Obesity surgeries through SUS in Patos de Minas: a milestone in public health | Special Announcement – Patos de Minas City Hall

Obesity surgeries through SUS in Patos de Minas: a milestone in public health |  Special Announcement – Patos de Minas City Hall

In October last year, the city of Patos de Minas witnessed a significant advance in public health with the first bariatric surgeries performed by the Unified Health System (SUS) of Santa Casa de Misericordia. This achievement represents not only a new chapter in the history of local medicine, but also a major gain for the population, providing access to treatments that were previously inaccessible to many.

Preparations for the implementation of this new service began in January 2023, under the leadership of the Municipal Health Department of the City of Patos de Minas. The first step was the establishment of an outpatient obesity clinic, which began treating patients in the Medical Specialties Clinic, located in Bairro Nova Floresta, in addition to providing care in the Specialties Clinic Annex on the UNIPAM Campus (Block D).

Surgical mass at Santa Casa de Misericórdia. 39 bariatric surgeries have already been performed by SUS in Patos de Minas – Photo: Ascom Prefeitura de Patos de Minas

Since the beginning of the initiative, 39 bariatric surgeries have been performed by SUS in Patos de Minas, under the care of the Santa Casa de Misericórdia team. It is important to emphasize that monitoring does not end after surgery; Patients continue to receive ongoing support from the obesity outpatient team. In addition to nutritional supplements provided via SMS until the first year after the bariatric procedure. Whey protein isolate, vitamin D and multivitamins are provided.

For Municipal Health Secretary Ana Carolina Magalhães, the offer of nutritional supplements represents another step forward for those who, in addition to surgery, now have free nutritional supplements. “We are very proud to have achieved this progress in Patos de Minas. Obesity surgeries through SUS in Santa Casa not only provide treatment, but also represent an investment in the future of public health in our city, and the provision of nutritional supplements ensures the post and highlight of 'Quality Surgery' .

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Morbid obesity clinic

The Obesity Outpatient Clinic is a unique service in the city, providing a specific setting for the treatment of this complex health condition. With its installation in the Medical Specialties Clinic, the unit is now fully operational, serving patients who meet the criteria set by SUS for bariatric surgery.

To get care, patients need to find the Family Health Unit (USF) closest to their home. Referral criteria to outpatient clinics include people with a body mass index (BMI) equal to or greater than 50, equal to or greater than 40 who have not received successful clinical treatment for at least 2 years, equal to or more than 35 years of age, with comorbidities below Successful clinical treatment for at least two years.

Consultations will be performed in a rotating obesity outpatient clinic, and patients will undergo laboratory, imaging, endoscopy and evaluation by a multidisciplinary team. The decision on the surgical method to be performed will be made by the general surgeon in charge, after a full evaluation of the case. In addition, patients may be referred for additional evaluations, such as pulmonology, psychiatry, or other specialties, as needed.

Those who do not meet the obesity clinic criteria will be referred to specialist care. These patients will be seen by family health units (USFs) and monitored by the unit physician and the multidisciplinary primary care team.

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